Will the glasses case disappear

Will the glasses case disappear
With the development of Internet technology, more and more people are accustomed to using electronic payment. Wallets are no longer necessary to take with them when they go out. People only need to go out with a mobile phone. The powerful functions of mobile phones and the Internet of things, including keys, ID cards, credit cards, access cards and many other accessories have been gradually discarded. So, will the glasses case, which could have been put in the bag and go out together, gradually disappear? Will the glasses case wholesale disappear?
Glasses are things that people are no longer familiar with, because they are worn on our faces so that we can hardly notice their existence, but it is difficult for us to ignore the existence of glasses cases, because most of them have a certain volume and weight. So in what scenes do we find it troublesome to carry glasses cases with us?

1. Go out in summer.

When we go out in summer, we usually carry less things, all the things we take out are light as far as possible, all things that can not be taken out should not be taken with us as much as possible, and things that can be taken out are changed into small packages as far as possible. it is very troublesome to take sunglasses cases with you at will in summer.

2. The bag you carry is too small.

Sometimes the bags we carry with us are too small to fit anything as big as a hard glasses case, and the glasses are worn on the face or on the chest as far as possible, which will look more fashionable.

3. The glasses case is too heavy.

At present, most glasses cases on the market are mainly iron glasses cases, so the weight of glasses cases is generally more than 200g, which is relatively heavy. To know that our mobile phones are about 200g, going out with glasses cases is equivalent to going out with two mobile phones, which is more inconvenient.

4. Do you often wear glasses?

In fact, most people never leave their faces, because they are nearsighted and have to wear them all the time, so these people don’t need glasses cases at all. On the contrary, only those who take off their glasses often use glasses cases.
As mentioned above, people do not want to go out wearing glasses cases in many scenes, so does it mean that glasses cases will gradually disappear as well as wallets? The author’s conclusion is that bulk glasses cases with large volume and high weight will be gradually eliminated, and there will be more and more new glasses cases with ingenious structure, small size and light weight. If the glasses don’t disappear, the glasses case won’t disappear, it just changes its appearance.
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