Why beryllium copper is loved by plastic mold makers

Now plastic mold manufacturers have begun to use beryllium copper mold materials more and more. Among many metal materials, what has made beryllium copper more and more popular? What are its characteristics that make it stand out? Perhaps many people do not know what kind of metal beryllium copper is, so Xiaobian will give you a popular science look at the characteristics of beryllium copper that are different from other metal materials in industrial production. .
First of all, Heda Beryllium Copper has sufficient hardness and strength: Proof from theory and practice-the hardness of Beryllium Copper can reach the hardness, strength, high thermal conductivity suitable for plastic mold manufacturing requirements at HRC36-42, and easy machining Convenient, long mold life and save development and production cycles.
Secondly, Heda Beryllium Copper has good thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity of Beryllium copper material is good for controlling the temperature of plastic machining molds, and it is easier to control the molding cycle, and at the same time, it can ensure the uniformity of the mold wall temperature. Cooling time can be reduced by 40%. It shortens the molding cycle, improves productivity, improves the uniformity of the mold wall temperature, and improves the quality of the drawn product; it can increase the temperature of the material, thereby reducing the wall thickness of the product and reducing costs.

Finally, the beryllium copper mold has a long service life: when the strength and hardness of the beryllium copper meet the requirements, the insensitivity of the beryllium copper to the mold temperature stress can greatly improve the life of the mold. Consider the yield strength, elastic modulus, thermal conductivity, and temperature expansion coefficient of beryllium copper. The resistance of beryllium copper to thermal stress is much stronger than that of mold steel. From this point, the service life of beryllium copper is remarkable!

These properties are all favorable factors for cost saving, quality improvement and production efficiency in mold manufacturing. In comparison with steel molds, the performance of beryllium copper machining has become an important factor for manufacturers to discard other metal materials and choose it.