What to do before buying swiss machine

The swiss machine has high rigidity turning and milling, and can complete the high rigidity of the outer circle, the end face, the thread, the grooving, cutting and transverse milling, drilling, tapping, and the front face and the back after cutting in one clamping End face drilling, tapping, boring and other compound processing. In addition, the centering tool arrangement adopts a two-axis control arrangement of the arrangement of the tool holder, which has a simple structure, fast tool change, and high reliability.

After the part is cut, the sub-spindle can grab the part and complete the back drilling, boring, milling, end face eccentric swiss cnc machining and other processes on the cut surface of the part. Compared with similar machine tools, it can significantly reduce the number of feedings, complete the processing of the full length of parts in one feeding, and improve the cnc machining efficiency. It is generally suitable for large-volume, multi-variety, high-precision machining tasks of “slender shaft” parts with large diameters and “small” parts.

The following work should be done before buying CNC walking machine

  • 1. First of all, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the selection of a suitable CNC walking machine manufacturer.Determine the process requirements of typical parts and the batches of processed workpieces. The functions of the CNC machining swiss machine should be prepared for the early stage, and the prerequisites for the reasonable selection of CNC lathes can meet the process requirements of typical parts.
  • 2. The process requirements of typical parts are mainly the structural size, processing range and precision requirements of the parts.
  • 3. According to the requirements of accuracy, that is, the requirements of dimensional accuracy, positioning accuracy and surface roughness of the workpiece, select the control accuracy of the CNC walking machine.
  • 4. Choose according to reliability. Reliability is the guarantee for improving product quality and production efficiency.
  • 5. The reliability of the swiss machining machine means that when the machine tool performs its function under the specified conditions, it runs stably for a long time without failure. That is, the average failure-free time is long, even if there is a failure, it can be recovered in a short time and put into use again.
  • 6. Choose machine tools with reasonable structure, excellent manufacturing and mass production. Generally, the more users, the higher the reliability of the CNC system.