What is the Difference Between CA and CISA Certifications

Well, CA and CISA Certification both are conducted by two different institutions and aren’t related in any way. There are many people who would have just completed their graduation and have opted to go for the CISA Certification. However, in order to acquire the DISA which is very much equivalent to the CISA Certification course, being CA would be considered mandatory since it is the certification that would be obtained post qualification course for CA. Thus if you wish to have the CISA Certification, you should join the ISACA CISM Dumps, which are being offered by the organizations like ExamClubs. Acquiring the CISA Certification would be quite difficult for the candidates, but once you acquire the CISA and you have already done the CA, you would be gaining the below-mentioned Advantages.

1. Degree of the Future:

We are in the year 2019, where risks would be related to Information Systems have increased like never before, and with the advent of rapidly growing technology, these risks would be expected to multifold. At such a point of time, Corporate houses, as well as Businesses, would be looking for an Assurance from an Expert in order to manage and provide robust solutions for mitigating their Risks. Surely CISA would be considered as one of the better Assurance providing degrees and surely a degree of the Present as well as Future.

2. Ability to Analyze as well as understanding the Impacts of Risks on Financials Better:

As Chartered Accountants are considered to be quite good in analyzing the Risks as well as exactly be providing correct Quantitative information to the businesses regarding the risks on their Financial Statements. So, again the CA+ CISA would surely be considered as quite a Deadly Combination.

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3. CA’s especially in Internal Audits with an added advantage with CISA.

A CA who would have worked in Internal Audit in his Article ship or his employment would know the way we would be analyzing the processes, scrutinizing transactions and providing assurance about the Scope areas that the CA would be auditing. So, along with CISA in his bag, it would surely provide quite a huge advantage in terms of his quality work which would be related to checkpoints in Systems Audit as well as providing value-added Robust Solutions.

4. CISA considered being universal degree:

CA’s get mentioned sometimes like the ones who would be considered as the best in the country but internationally we are little behind in recognition as compared to others. With CISA, A person who is aspiring to settle abroad and loves a bit of technology, as well as systems, would surely be benefitted as he already has a strong financial background and now a degree which would be recognized globally.

5. Bank Audits or Systems Audit or CAG Audits :

The Practicing Chartered Accountant would surely be preferred in Empanelment in terms of allotment of Bank Statutory Audits or Concurrent Audits with a CISA degree, and would surely he could be more value addition in the audit which he would be conducting with the Knowledge of ISACA CGEIT Dumps.

It would be depending on each Person’s liking as well as his goals in Life which would be leading him to the decision of pursuing CISA after CA. But Surely CISA would be giving you the knowledge which would be redefining and upgrading a person’s skills as well as Professional quality.

Thus, if you have CA and if you go for the CISA, it would be just like icing on the cake. But don’t think that the CISA would be obtained easily. You would be required to go through lots of ISACA CISA Dumps, which could be obtained through the ExamClubs.