What is the cost for a Microsoft Certification for .Net?

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Whether you’re a beginner or a long-time programmer, Microsoft .Net certifications can add to both your knowledge and your credentials. Learn more about certification costs here.

Microsoft certifications are critical for IT professionals looking to continue their career growth, especially for both software engineers and software developers. However, learning about the Microsoft .Net platform and mastering its functions is not reserved only for those in the field.

Essentially, Microsoft .Net training entails every aspect of computing, including the most integral components like operating systems and web servers. It serves as the foundation for how we develop and interact with applications and even how we access electronic information.

Microsoft certifications in .Net are the key to elevating both your understanding of IT and even your salary. Once you understand how crucial Microsoft .Net certifications can be, the next question for many people is how much this investment will cost them upfront.

The Power of .Net

Microsoft .Net is an cross platform capable of developing a wide range of applications. The most fantastic aspect of this platform is that you can use either C#, F#, or Visual Basic languages to create your apps. This makes .Net highly accessible to anyone with a knack for some simple computer programming basics.

Whether you are versed in C++, C#, F#, or Visual Basic, Microsoft .Net offers a versatile platform for implementing servers, websites, and applications. Microsoft .Net is the perfect platform for building elaborate desktop applications, web applications and services, mobile applications, 2D and even 3D games.

The possibilities are really endless. Microsoft .Net is the preferred developer platform for over 25,000 developers and 1,700 companies that are already active members of the .Net community.

Salary Increase

Independent IT industry surveys have shown that Microsoft certifications consistently rank as number one among the most valuable developer certifications to have. If you want to maintain your edge in the cutthroat world of IT, you have to stay on top of constantly improving your credentials.

Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) are undeniably an asset in the IT field. Gaining your certification opens the door to new opportunities and of course, more money. A recent survey from Microsoft revealed that over a third of IT professionals experienced a rise in salary after becoming certified.

Investing in Your Future

Clearing the Certification isn’t considered to be that much easy, you have to go through rigorous training and lots of CompTIA CySA+ CS0 002 Dumps would be needed to go through unless you have some expertise training courses like such offered at the ExamClubs.

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You can opt for a foundation course in programming that will introduce you to the basics of working with the .Net platform or become well-versed in the absolute latest technologies in application development.

The obvious long term value of Microsoft certifications is the biggest argument for making this rather negligible initial investment into any of these programs. You want to find the most thorough training available to ensure you not only pass the certification exam, but that you can use your new skills for practical application on the job.

Start with MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate)

For those who want a fundamental understanding of programming and need to demonstrate their skills as a budding software developer, Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Intro to Programming is a great place to start. You will learn core concepts in programming that lay the foundation for ultimately learning to develop your own applications.

A Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Programming in C# certification gives you the knowledge and skills to use C# in design, creation, and implementation. A combination of in-depth materials, expert instruction, and hands-on learning prepares you for your official MCP Programming in C# certification, and for the next chapter of your career.

Both the MTA Intro to Programming and MCP Programming in C# courses will cost the same. The entire course, instruction, and hands-on experience will cost $4,195, a fraction of most college courses covering similar skills that don’t culminate in an official Microsoft certification.

If you’d rather not waste time searching for competitive pricing on airfare and accommodation for the 5 day course, you can opt to have this included in your cost for just $800 more.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)

The new Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Web Applications certification is perfect for experienced professionals looking to expand their knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript programming.

You build a range of necessary skills including in developing user interfaces and validating user input, storing data, performing and using variables. This exemplary certification course will cost $4,695 without airfare or accommodation for the six day training.

To save yourself some time and money, you can have both your plane tickets and hotel included for just $900 more.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

For professionals that already have a strong foundation in the latest development technologies, a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certification may be ideal.

This is also a relatively new Microsoft certification that provides an even more comprehensive approach to MCSA concepts, culminating in the development of advanced ASP.NET MVC 5 applications.

You also gain the ability to transfer this application to the cloud via Microsoft Azure, expanding its usage and functionality. This high-level training and certification is priced at $5,675, with optional airfare and accommodation adding $1,120 for the nine-day course.

Microsoft .Net represents the building blocks of application development through Microsoft Visual Studio. Microsoft Certified Professionals are highly sought-after for the priceless skills these certifications represent. Even the best training programs are highly accessible for any budget and the payoff in increased salary and career growth is justification enough to get started.

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