What is the best way to prepare for CISA Exam?

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Are you preparing for CISA exam or wish to know about the perks of the certification? If yes, then, you have arrived at the right place. That is to say, in this article, you will get every detail about CISA certification including how to prepare, benefits, jobs opportunities, and process of maintaining the certification.

Every organization needs an advanced level of security technology to keep everything under surveillance. And, this has given a huge scope for the growth of career in the field of IT Security. In the same vein, Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Certification is one of the most popular certifications at present offered by ISACA. Moreover, CISA Certification highlights the credibility of a professional in the field of IS audit.?

Understanding CISA

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification exam refers to a standard for Business Systems and Information technology professionals globally. CISA certifications help employers to identify the candidate’s professional experience and skills for managing risk, instituting control, and ensuring compliance. Moreover, this certification can validate your expertise and get you the essential skills to enhance your career. Below, we will understand the major advantages of CISA.

Benefits of CISA Certification

The benefits of a CISA certification include –

  • Firstly, the developing Market is looking for Professionals in which CISA certification provides an advantage in the field of IT auditing. Thus, it will open doors for many new opportunities in this area. Moreover, some employers demand it as a prerequisite to the job.
  • Secondly, IT auditing is a good profession for those who have an interest in exploring new technology. Moreover, CISA will confirm to organizations you’re qualified to face that challenge.
  • Thirdly, IT auditors are experts, so it’s no doubt that they receive a higher salary than others in the auditing field.?
  • Moreover, having the CISA certification confirms to employers that you are professionally and extremely qualified for the job.
  • Lastly, the CISA certification will represent you globally as a skilled professional. As a result, this will help in building your career and give you access to explore new opportunities across the world.?

Exam Structure of CISA

Eligibility Requirement

  • For CISA certification, Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) requires professional and academic criteria for candidates who have an interest in IT Security.
  • Moreover, the candidates should have a minimum of 4,000 actual hours of work experience in information systems, security experience, and controls. As an alternative, candidates can also have a maximum of 1-year auditing, security, and control experience with one year of full-time experience in information systems. 
  • And, for university instructors, it is required to have one year of auditing, security, and control experience which can also be substituted with two years of full educator experience.

Course Outline

ISACA provides an important exam concept for CISA, that can be beneficial during the preparation. The topics are as follow,

Process of Auditing Information Systems

  • In this, you will gain the knowledge required to comply with the highest standards of information systems to provide the best audit practices as well. 

IT Governance

  • In this, you will learn to develop the sound IS control practices and management mechanisms. 

Systems and Infrastructure Lifecycle Management

  • This Module covers the processes and methodologies topics that organizations use during reinventing the infrastructure components of their application systems. 

IT Service Delivery and Support

  • In this module, the candidate is required to review the processes and various methodologies applicable to different IT systems. Further, it will help you learn the IS audit in the event of a disruption. 

Protection of Information Assets

  • This module will help you in learning how to ensure the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of information assets. Further, in this, you will understand about generating logical access controls and other security measures.

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Preparatory Guide for CISA

CISA is designed for security professionals having an interest in information systems auditing, control, and security. And, the certification is globally known for IS audit control, assurance and security professionals. Moreover, this exam can help you in validating your experience in auditing and check if you are capable of reporting on compliance and implementing controls within an enterprise. However, to help you with exam preparation, there are some ways provided below.

Instructor-LED Training

In Instructor-LED training you will have access to the online classrooms as well you can interact with the expert for clearing doubts. Moreover, this will expand your understanding of everything from audit and assurance to information security, cybersecurity, and managing reporting on risk.

CISA Planning Guide

CISA even provides a planning guide that will help you learn how to register, prepare for and maintain the globally recognized CISA certification. Moreover, this will help you in discovering more about the CISA exam and the many benefits to your career.

Self- Paced Training

By doing self-paced training you can accelerate your exam readiness with interactive, customizable sample exams that draw from a database of 1,000+ questions. View your results by the job practice domain and gain instant insights into where to focus your study efforts. To help you in this CISA has provided books for reference that includes,

  • Firstly, CISA Review Manual book by ISACA
  • Secondly, CISA All-in-One Exam Guide

Join an Online Group

There are several CISA forums and groups where both candidates and certified professionals can share their certification experiences. These forums are helpful for getting preparation tips as well as motivation for the upcoming exam. Moreover, if you have any questions or queries related to CISA then here you can get important advice. 

Practice Exam Resources

We all are familiar with the importance of practice tests when we prepare for the exam. Practice tests can help you to know your weak points and then get perfection in that. That is to say, after completing the topic try to assess yourself using the practice test questions. There are various sources out there that provide free practice tests for the CISA exam to help you in the preparation.

Note: Keep your mind calm and composed during the preparation. This will help to improve your concentration and you can study well. 

Next, we will talk about the CISA responsibilities, market value including job roles and salary.

CISA: Job Roles and Responsibilities

There are various tasks and responsibilities a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) has to deal with. This includes,

  • Firstly, assessing the design and operational effectiveness of Key Risk Indicators and IT General Controls.
  • Secondly, designing, developing and publishing the materials to support adherence to the established KRI/ITGC validation processes.
  • Thirdly, they have to work closely with other teams that include risk, IT and information security team to report and track plans.
  • Moreover, they plan and perform application and general systems to control audits, process, and system development reviews.
  • They have to verify information technology systems and infrastructure to check if they secure and support the related applications.
  • There is the participation of IT auditor in the development, planning, and implementation of fraud investigations.
  • Lastly, they create and deliver the presentations to management, discussing the audit findings and then,  recommending corrective action to improve operations and reduce costs.

Job Profiles

The main job description of an information technology auditor is basically to make sure that there are no situations of fraud, unnecessary spending or noncompliance with governmental laws and federal regulations. Moreover, they also analyze and prepare reports for management. However, the CISA certificate holders are likely to be hired for roles that include,

Top Companies

The top companies hiring for IT auditors includes,

  • HCL Technologies
  • Deloitte
  • Pwc
  • EXL Service
  • Shell
  • Information Services Group

CISA Salaries

CISA certification has a good reputation globally. As a result, there are more than 106,000 certified professionals and each year the retention is more than 90%. Moreover, it is one of the top-paying certifications as per the 2013 IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index. However, the average salary for CISA-certified professionals ranges from $52,459 to $122,325 per year. Below a chart is provided,

Below there is an average base salary of an IT auditor

So, what’s next? That is to say, once you have passed the certification there is a need to maintain the certification. As it is important to be up to date with the certification. Let’s understand it.

Maintaining the Certification

CISA certification being the Best Professional Certification Program can truly add much value to your career.  This certification can help you to stand out from the crowd and can help professionals keep upgraded with the latest changes in the field. Moreover, as CISA certificate holders can earn more than any other IT audit career path. 

But, obtaining the certification is not your last step. In other words, you must also maintain it to keep getting benefits from your new designation. ISACA provides certain methods to maintain your certification that includes,

  • Firstly, earn and report an annual minimum of twenty (20) CPE hours. However, these hours must be suitable to the currency of the CISA’s ability to perform CISA-related tasks. 
  • Secondly, earn and report a minimum of one hundred and twenty (120) CPE hours for a three-year reporting cycle period. As the goal of the CPE policy is to make sure that all CISAs maintain an adequate level of current knowledge and proficiency in the field of information systems audit, control and security. 
  • Thirdly, you have to pay the CISA annual maintenance fee.
  • Fourthly, provide a mechanism to monitor the IS audit, control and security. And,  maintain the competency of the professional.

Most importantly, Failure to fulfill these certification requirements can result in the revocation of an individual’s CISA designation. 

Expert Tips

To conclude, the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) credential is one of the most reputable security certifications around. Therefore, achieving the CISA certification will open doors for global opportunities. The CISA Certification has rapid growth over the years, thereby creating a high demand for CISA professionals in the market. All you need is proper guidance and the learning resources to rely on. So, make sure you prepare well and crack the exam.

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