What is DCIC Certification- Is it a Requirement for Advanced Cabling

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In the current corporate environment, having a reliable network infrastructure can significantly improve the productivity and service efficiency of any business. One of the grave mistakes that you can ever make is to suspend the testing of the foundation of all networks – copper and fiber optics cabling.

DCIC certified employees will ensure that cabling systems are properly installed and can perform as expected. What’s more, your trained and certified employees will also be able to use specialized test equipment.

The DCIC (Data Cabling Installers Certification) is an introductory and vendor-neutral certification from Evolving Technologies Association (ETA), and it is meant for skilled technicians who are experienced in the installation of category 5 copper data cabling. Because cabling is the leading cause of more than half of all network failures, having DCIC certified professionals can significantly reduce network failures.

How certifying your Employees can benefit your Business

Faster Installation

Who is more suited for the cable installation and connectivity of other network components than your DCIC trained technicians? Your technicians have undergone training on how to install them for high-performance results. By investing in their training, your technicians will be able to complete installation tasks much faster and efficiently. And this will help save on time, and you can embark on your next project.

Less Human Error

When your employees receive the DCIC hands-on training and certification, they will learn the right ways to connect and install cabling infrastructure, and this will minimize errors that will cost your business money to rework. Even a simple task as pairing correct connectivity solutions with the right cable can be done incorrectly if a technician isn’t trained and certified on how to do it correctly.

Keep Up with Technology

Your technicians will acquire training as per the latest standards and technology. This means that they will learn new ways to reduce costs and save on time during installation. What’s more this training will help keep your technicians up to date on the recent changes.

Qualify for Product Warranties

When your employees complete the DCIC training and certification, your business may be able to easily access warranties that your competitors may not be able to access. Most certified installers are allowed by manufacturers to offer clients product warranties and a lifetime application assurance. This will go a long way in attracting clients who will also trust you because you guarantee them that the installed systems will exceed the industry standards.

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Certifying your Employees is Less Expensive than Conducting Repairs

By certifying your employees, you will help prevent expensive installation problems. Certifying your employees is insurance against issues that may arise in future. Without certified employees, you risk conducting costly repairs that must be made on live networks or worse, on networks that are suffering outages. A recent report by Gartner Group revealed that network downtime costs approximately $300,000 per hour.

5 Benefits of Employees Having Advanced Certification

Any successful business owner will tell you that the secret to building a growing and thriving business is to invest in employee training and certification. Your employees aren’t the only ones who will benefit. Your business will also benefit. Some of the benefits of investing in employee training and certification include:

  1. Complete projects efficiently – Trained and certified employees can provide your business with a solid foundation. The knowledge and skills they acquire will enable them to complete projects quickly.
  2. Higher quality – Your certified employees will adhere to some professional standards, and you can rely on them to produce high quality work consistently. This peace of mind is worth investing in employee training.
  3. Increases productivity – Studies by various organizations, including CompTIA have revealed that certified employees tend to be more productive. This is because recognized certifications prepare employees to deal with day-to-day challenges better and get the most from new technologies.
  4. Increases your clients’ confidence – By investing in employee certification, you will show your clients that your company takes care of its employees. Therefore, your clients will feel safer working with certified individuals.
  5. Happier employees – When you assist your employees in acquiring their certifications, you prove to them that you want to mold them to become better professionals. According to a Gallup report, most employees prefer working for employers that are committed to helping them develop their skills. Therefore, such employees will be less likely to leave your business and work for your competitors.

Take the Next Step

Instructor-led employee training leading to DCIC certification usually has hands-on work. This will highly benefit your employees because they will learn and also experiment with new technologies in a safe environment. This will help them gain knowledge quickly that they can apply in your business. To invest in your employee DCIC certification, visit ExamClubs today to sign up!

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