What is CCNA- What is the process to get a CCNA certificate

If you wish to make your career in network, the Certifications is considered to be the best certification, to jump-start your career. But gaining this certification isn’t considered to be that much easy. You have to go through lots and lots of study process unless you have the help of the CCNP 350-701 Dumps offered at the ExamClubs.

Why take CCNAcertification and what is the process of certification?

Oneof the most common questions that keep on coming in the mind of everynetworking professional or aspirant is ‘why to take CCNA certification exam?’

Ciscohas designed professional certification for developing and updating individualsnetworking knowledge and evaluates skills for better opportunities.

CCNAis a certification that certifies candidates for having knowledge and skillsregarding establishing, maintaining and troubleshooting any network relatedconcerns consisting of routers, switches, network printers, servers, firewalls,etc. All these devices are the backend devices which help to keep any digitalwork in sync and ongoing. The CCNA certified professionals helps to maintainand troubleshoot such devices in the backend so that the frontend work of thecorporate office moves on without any hassle.

Weshall now discuss some of top reasons why it is important for networkingprofessionals to become Cisco Certified that will help you take the final decision.

  • Credibility:Certification proves that you are a qualified candidate and professionalcertifications like CCNA from accredited bodies and a Network leader plays a fundamentalrole in recruitment process.
  • Qualifier:CCNA certification qualifies you for various other Cisco certifications foryour career advancement.
  • AcquireKnowledge: The process of acquiring certification helps to improve knowledgeand understanding of the subject for better problem-solving skills. The processof acquiring new skills and learning new techniques help as a catalyst incareer progression irrespective of the experience.
  • CareerAdvancement: For working professionals, having a certification increases the probabilityof promotion and profile enrichment.
  • CareerOptions: With a certification there are more career options to choose and applyyour networking skills to core technologies like Data Science, Cloud Securityetc or you may also choose become a professional trainer.
  • PayRevision: Certification helps to increase earning potential as many companiesreward employees who keep on updating their skills.
  • StayUpdated: Since the certification curriculum keeps on revising and updated tolatest trends on regular basis. Getting certified helps you to prepare for the newtransformation and technological requirements.

Candidatesare required to study and dedicate their time sincerely in adapting to thefunctionalities and gaining knowledge with reference to maintenance andtroubleshooting of any such issues with the devices. So if you work hard CCNAis a potential certification offering great career opportunities.

Career Path forCisco Certified Professionals

Followingare the suggested steps become a Cisco Certified Professional

STEP 1 – Identifyyour area of interest

Youhave to choose from one of the career path for beginning your career and becomea certified professional.

Now that you have known about the Salary of Network Security Engineer, you must be attracted to achieving it. If you wish to have it, you must have to do lots and lots of studies, unless you have a good and reliable CCNP 300-510 Dumps provider like that of the ExamClubs.

ccnp exam

  • Networking, Network Design andSecurity – Acandidate interested in networking or network design can help evolve anorganization’s infrastructure to deliver secure, reliable, and seamless userexperiences in a world with many new and shifting borders. Areas of expertisein this field are Design, Network Security, Routing & Switching, andWireless.
  • Voice and Collaboration Solutions – Becoming certified in VoiceTechnologies enables you to help people communicate more naturally, anywhere,anytime. A Cisco certified professional implementing Cisco voice andcollaboration solutions can help build more effective teams across corporateboundaries, companies, and continents.
  • Data Center and StorageNetworking –Cisco Data Center solutions accelerate service delivery, improve profitability,and reduce risk for new business model deployments. An employee implementing aData Center solution will work to unify storage, computing, and networkresources to simplify your data center.
  • Service Provider – Becoming certified in theService Provider field will help you implement and build extensible serviceprovider infrastructures that deliver managed services.

STEP 2 – Select aLearning Path

Networking, NetworkDesign, and Security– If you have selected Networking and network design as your area f interestthen it becomes important to select your learning path from the following –

  • Design
  • Routingand Switching
  • NetworkSecurity
  • Wireless

Voice and Collaboration Solutions – The next step involves identifying the learning path for attaining a certification in voice and collaboration solutions

  • Collaboration
  • Video
  • Voice

Data Center andStorage Networking –Now if you have selected the Data Center and storage networking as you area ofinterest then the learning path for the candidate becomes Data Center

Service Provider – If you have selected your area ofinterest for certification as a Service provider then the following is thelearning path available for you –

  • ServiceProvider
  • ServiceProvider Operations

STEP 3 – Choosingyour Certification Goals

Cisco offers a wide range of certifications for aspirants and working professionals looking to certify and upgrade their skills and knowledge.

As an applicant, you would be required to choose your goal for opting the certification based on your level of experience, criteria and work profile. The following are the levels based on which certifications are divided

  • Entry
  • Associate
  • Professional
  • Expert
  • Architect

Followingimage displays the career track for the certification being offered in eachdomain and at each level of professional

CareerCertification Exam

Passing one or more exams is the requirement for achieving certificationand, in most cases, for recertification. The following list identifies allcurrently available exams by certification and track. In some cases, differenttracks may require the same exam. Exams required for more than one track are listedwithin each track.

All exams are available worldwide in English. The availability of exams in other languages varies. Please contact an authorized Cisco testing delivery partner for availability in your area.

Certifications Exams Structure

How to Recertify?

Recertification is an importantindicator to IT professionals and their employers, ensuring that thecertification holder has kept up with current trends in networking technology.Valid certifications may be renewed indefinitely, but without timely renewal,certifications expire or become inactive.

To keep certifications current, individuals should recertify by advancing to the next level of certification or completing the recertification requirements.

Recertification Renewal Timeframes

Certification Duration
Entry-level, Associate-level, and Professional-level 3 years
Expert-level Certifications 2 years
Specialist certifications 2 years
Cisco Certified Architect 5 years

Renewal requires certificationholders to register for and pass the appropriate Cisco recertification exam(s).In order to recertify, certification holders must complete the recertificationrequirements prior to the certification expiration date. If an individualallows their certification(s) to expire, then the individual must repeat theentire certification process to regain their certification(s).

Although no system is ever 100 percent protected, the ability for differentiating between typical network traffic as well as potentially harmful malware is considered crucial and provides the focus of this associate-level certification path. Also, if you wish to acquire this certification, you should gain the CCNP 300-710 Dumps, which are being offered at the ExamClubs.