What does a CISA do?

Although no system is ever 100 percent protected, the ability for differentiating between typical network traffic as well as potentially harmful malware is considered crucial and provides the focus of this associate-level certification path. Also, if you wish to acquire this certification, you should gain the ISACA CRISC Dumps, which are being offered at the ExamClubs.

For IT professionals who are looking forward to rendering their services in auditing and security services, CISA certification is surely the one-stop solution. That is to say, ISACA’s Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification holds a worldwide reputation which helps the IT professionals to improve the career prospects and possibly enhance the potential income.

The CISA certification offers instant validation to the skills and knowledge which is made applicable by the CISA in the field of auditing, control, and information security, right after the certification process. 

Therefore, in this article, we intend to shed light on the list of roles and responsibilities of Certified Information Systems Auditor. However, it becomes all the way more important to know the pathway to become one, before we hop on the roles and responsibilities of it. So, let start with the exam abstract and collect other major details of the CISA exam.

CISA: Overview

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification exam refers to a standard for Business Systems and Information technology professionals globally. CISA certifications help employers to identify the candidate’s professional experience and skills for managing risk, instituting control, and ensuring compliance. Moreover, this certification can validate your expertise and get you the essential skills to enhance your career. Below, we will understand the basic details of the CISA exam.

Basic Details

The CISA exam is a 4 hours (240 minutes)  exam. This exam consists of 150 multiple choice questions, covering job practice areas from the most recent job practice analysis. Further, the exam is available in only 10 languages. These include- Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, English, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Korean and Turkish.

As far as the exam pricing is concerned, it is based on membership status at the time of exam registration. Therefore, the exam fee for ISACA Member is $575 UDS and ISACA Nonmember is $760 USD. 

Remember, the CISA certifications are valid for three years and throughout these three years, the certified candidates or employees must fit in the ISACA requirements to maintain their validity.

Recommended Experience

  • Firstly, the candidate must have five (5) or more years of experience in IS/IT audit, control, assurance, or security. 
  • Socndly, the experience waivers are available for a maximum of three (3) years. 

Course Outline

ISACA provides an important exam concept for CISA, that can be beneficial during the preparation. The domains along with their respective weights are as follow,

Domain 1: Process of Auditing Information Systems (21%)

In this domain, you gain familiarity and understanding with the highest standards of information systems to provide the best audit practices as well. 

Domain 2: IT Governance (17%)

In this domain, you manage to learn to develop the sound IS control practices and management mechanisms. 

Domain 3: Systems and Infrastructure Lifecycle Management (12%)

In this domain, you cover the processes and methodologies topics that organizations use during reinventing the infrastructure components of their application systems. 

Domain 4: IT Service Delivery and Support (23%)

In this domain, the candidate is required to review the processes and various methodologies applicable to different IT systems. Further, it will help you learn the IS audit in the event of a disruption. 

Domain 5: Protection of Information Assets (27%)

In this domain, you get to learn how to ensure the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of information assets. Further, in this, you will understand about generating logical access controls and other security measures.

After getting every exam related detail in your hand, it’s time we lay down all the essential job functions that are required to be performed by a CISA. So, let’s move ahead.

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Job Roles and Responsibilities: CISA

CISA certification holders are likely to be hired for roles such as those listed below, just to name a few.

  • Internal Auditor
  • Public Accounting Auditor
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Network Operation Security Engineer
  • Cyber Security professional
  • IT Consulting
  • Privacy Officer
  • PCI Security Specialist
  • IT Audit Manager

Once you are clear with the job roles, its time you go through the job responsibilities rigorously. There are various responsibilities a CISA has to deal with. This includes the following:

  • Firstly, assessing the design and operational effectiveness of Key Risk Indicators and IT General Controls.
  • Secondly, designing, developing and publishing the materials to support adherence to the established KRI/ITGC validation processes.
  • Thirdly, they have to work closely with other teams that include risk, IT and information security team to report and track plans.
  • Moreover, they plan and perform application and general systems to control audits, process, and system development reviews.
  • They have to verify information technology systems and infrastructure to check if they secure and support the related applications.
  • There is the participation of IT auditor in the development, planning, and implementation of fraud investigations.
  • Lastly, they create and deliver the presentations to management, discussing the audit findings and then,  recommending corrective action to improve operations and reduce costs.  

Pathway to qualify CISA Certification Exam

Are you allured enough with the job roles and have finally decided to go through the CISA Certification Exam? Well if the answer is yes, then you are definitely going to improve your system security management skills and to boost your professional career. 

However, before you actually sit for the exam, it is important to prepare well and understand the format of the exam so that you can get through it in your first attempt. 

Since this certification is truly capable of transforming the career in IT Security, many aspirants are registering to go through CISA certification Exam. Therefore, for your convenience, we have provided a list of learning resources that will help you to get successfully through this exam.

Learning Resource 1: Virtual Instructor-Led Training

First things first, to prepare for the CISA exam, you need to get the best of both worlds. That is to say, you need to have a personal interaction with expert instructors as well as the convenience of an online classroom. Virtual instructor-led training helps you expand your understanding of everything from audit and assurance to information security, cybersecurity, and managing reporting on risk.

Learning Resource 2: Choosing the Best Online Training

After that, the idea of online training adds nothing, but an advantage. This comprehensive online course is a compendium of on-demand video training sessions, interactive modules, and workbooks, case study activities, assessments to track your progress and much more. The best part about online training is to move at your own pace, which means you can follow a recommended study track or target specific topics as per your comfort. 

Learning Resource 3: Review the course objectives

Subsequently, you can make a visit to the CISA Review Manual (CRM) offered by ISACA. The manual has all the relevant course content good enough to help the aspirants get through the exam. Therefore, make a habit to read it rigorously. The roles and responsibilities of an information systems auditor along with the necessary details for the CISA Exam are given in CRM. In addition to this, you can also keep looking for CISA related blogs and articles. These blogs and articles come up with the latest information and keep the candidates updated regarding the information on the CISA exam.

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Learning Resource 4: Books are your Best Friends!

Moreover,  you can complement your exam preparation with study aids i.e books. Books are the oldest as well as the most important ingredient in certification preparation. So, in order to sail through your CISA exam smoothly, it is recommended to look after various CISA books available in the market space. Books help you understand and acquire course content in a detailed way.  

  • Firstly, CISA Exam Prep: Certified Information Systems Auditor
  • In addition, CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor Study Guide
  • Also, Cisa: A Clear And Concise Reference

Learning Resources 5: Join Exam prep Community

In addition, you can join the CISA study community to prepare for the exam. Community helps you to ask questions, share ideas and experiences and gain insights to help successfully prepare for the exam. Moreover, the exam community helps you keep updated and on track. Generally, most of the community leaders are past top exam scorers that will surely help you moderate, facilitate and drive discussions in the most positive manner. 

Learning Resource 6:  Practice makes you perfect!

Last but surely not least, practice tests are one of the most efficient sources to prepare for the exam. In the modern era of technology, where most of the exams take place online, it is not easy to take up a paper-based long and rigorous CISA exam. It is advised to keep solving the practice questions in order to make yourself familiar and comfortable with the pattern and duration of the exam. You can pick and perform as many practice tests from the most authentic and reliable sources. So, GAIN INSTANT INSIGHT NOW!

Besides these learning resources, some changes in the subject related thought process and the practical experience will also help you pass this exam. CISA Certification exam may seem a bit difficult for some candidates. However, with the right guidance and planned preparation, you will certainly get your certification. 

Expert’s Corner 

In conclusion, CISA certification helps with not only your career advancement but also your general knowledge of IT controls and how to properly protect systems from compromise. Moreover, the certification will go a long way to improve your knowledge of the security industry as a whole. CISA Certification holders are considered to have expertise in assessing vulnerabilities and reporting on compliance. Further, the CISA is responsible for validating and enhancing controls in an enterprise. As a result, organizations must put into place certain controls to protect their computing platforms.?

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