What are the prerequisites to learn DevOps

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If you are passionate about working with software and tools then DevOps is amongst the best cultures that you can adapt to work with ease. That is to say, DevOps has an edge taken over the entire world, and thus with the change in dynamics of the world, it has brought the entire world on the brink of revolution. Therefore, if you have finally made up your mind for DevOps then why to make yourself late? It’s better to start now and right from here. 

In this article, you will be provided a satisfactory knowledge about how to take on with DevOps culture. Moreover, we will arm you with all the information before you look forward to becoming a professional.

To make your business runsuccessfully and smoothly, you need to make sure that your systems and softwareare updated timely. And to make this possible DevOps is an efficient tool thatassures you exceptional and productive services with complete customersatisfaction. Undoubtedly, DevOps has become a proficient tool in the recent ITindustry. Subsequently, there is a high demand for DevOps engineers who developand deal with DevOps practices in the IT industry. To meet these high demandsand to raise their productivity the organization hires these skilled DevOpsengineers. But before setting your foot in these specializations, you must beaware of the important facts about the same and some prerequisites required tobecome a DevOps professional. 

Therefore, in order to make yourself familiar with DevOps, let us take a deep dive into this article and start with an introduction.

What is DevOps?

DevOps (Development Operations) is an innovative development method which comprises a few sets of processes that organize to integrate development teams and processes to supplement software development.

DevOps brings high speed and accuracy creating a relationship between development and IT operations. Moreover, it consists of a distinguished concept of three divergent teams- developing, testing, and operating to provide efficient functioning. This unique combination results in recognizing and solving errors at a faster rate which makes work easier and provides a better output in less time. 

Who is a DevOps Engineer?

As a matter of fact, there is no conventional career course for a DevOps engineer. Rather s/he can be one of the IT professionals either a developer or system administrator to increase the responsibilities towards skillful progressive evolution of DevOps.

The DevOps Engineer must take up the following key responsibilities-

  • Firstly, needs to be an Administration of IT infrastructure
  • Secondly, must choose the right deployment models
  • Lastly, must able to conduct the test protocol and critical monitoring

Now that you are familiar with DevOps, its time we move ahead and collect prerequisites to become a DevOps Engineer.

Prerequisites of a DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer plays a crucial role in any organization, for which one needs to be a perfectionist in various technical and personal skills such as Coding, re-engineering of processes and collaboration. These skills may vary according to the individual’s ability. Some of the prerequisites are-


Containers are one of the most required skills for a DevOps engineer to have it in their profile. It allows developers to generate applications and install them on servers from a laptop. Containers have become one of the vital practices in advances in DevOps technology due to the ability to impart an accurate and directed environment to build within.

Grasping programming languages

To become a DevOps Engineer, you must have a hold over some of the programming languages such as Java, Perl, and Python. It ensures the DevOps Engineer to handle the development team efficiently. Doing so brings a level of uniformity in application installation, configuration, and validation. A great DevOps engineer should also be good at scripting so s/he must be able to write codes to automate repeatedly.

DevOps Training and Certification

This is one of the most crucial and important qualifications to become a DevOps engineer. It provides an effective way to learn various processes of DevOps such as – basics, DevOps tools, lifecycle, workflow, and other processes. Moreover, the certification makes it beneficial as it upgrades skills as well as enhances your capacity to make your business flourish.

Knowledge of Automation Tools

It has become compulsory to have agood hold over automation tools and techniques so to say that nowadayseverything has become automated. The DevOps engineer must know how tohandle automation processes at different levels of development, testingand operation.

Furthermore, you must have a distinctknowledge of Jenkins, Bamboo, Hudson Thought Works, and other tools to moveefficiently in your work. 

Excellent Collaboration

Excellent collaboration and communication skills are the two personal skills that helps you become an efficient DevOps Engineer. DevOps targets collaborative support services. Good communication skills  avoids any misinterpretation and it helps in agile functioning. By becoming adaptable, DevOps engineers are able to access to new jobs briskly and share their skills in various areas when required.

Logical Attitude

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To become a successful DevOps Engineer, you must have good reasoning and a comprehensive outlook. As it is crucial in managing the role of a DevOps engineer comprehensively it might be necessary for you to take certain immediate decisions for smooth functioning. In other words, excellent leadership qualities equipped with super communicational and professional skills lead to success.


Well, passion is required in every aspect of the career paths that you follow. It is the ultimate key to solve any trouble in becoming successful. If you are passionate about your work,  you will definitely be able to seek glory. It shouldn’t be overlooked as it is the chief Prerequisite in the world of digital clouds and Coding.

This brings us to the end to the first half of the article on Pre-Requisites. But now what’s also important is to know how to become a DevOps Engineer? So, let’s start.

How to become a DevOps profession?

There are top-notch certification exams that you must take to become the DevOps professional. There are various certifications involved in the DevOps processes based on your skills and your choice of interest. To say, you can get certifications in Microsoft or maybe Google as per your interest and ability. Here are the exam details of some of the DevOps certifications that you may choose in order to get more opportunities and get higher paid jobs. These are as follows-

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional (DOP-C01)

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional requires knowledge of operating, provisioning, and managing distributed systems and applications in order to work efficiently on the AWS platform. The certification helps you manage continuous delivery systems and AWS methodologies. Moreover, it also ensures  security controls, governance processes, and compliance validation.

Who should take the exam?

  • Firstly, candidates who have at least two or more years of experience in provisioning, operating and managing AWS environments.
  • Subsequently, candidates who have the experience to develop code in at least one high- level programming language.
  • Also, candidates who are able to build highly automated infrastructures and administering operating systems.
  • Lastly, candidates having an understanding of modern development and operations processes and methodologies.

Course outline

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional exam includes the following 6 domains

First Domain: SDLC Automation (22%)

Second Domain: Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code (19%)

Third Domain: Monitoring and Logging (15%)

Fourth Domain: Policies and Standards Automation (10%)

Fifth Domain: Incident and Event Response (18%)

Sixth Domain: High Availability, Fault Tolerance, and Disaster Recovery (16%)

Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions (AZ-400) Exam

Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions AZ-400 exam is designed for the professionals who are already certified as Azure Developer Associate or Azure Administrator Associate. The exam determines the ability of the candidate to design a DevOps strategy and implement – DevOps development processes; dependency management; application infrastructure; and continuous integration, delivery, and feedback.

Who should take the AZ-400 Exam?

  • Candidates who can combine people, processes, and technologies and continue to deliver valuable products and services that are able to meet end-user needs and fulfill business objectives.
  • Moreover, candidates must be familiar with both Azure administration and Azure development
  • Candidates who have the ability to design and implement DevOps practices for version control, compliance, infrastructure as code, configuration management, build, release, and testing by using Azure technologies.

Course outline

The Microsoft Azure AZ-400 exam includes the following domains – 

First Domain: Design a DevOps strategy (20-25%)

Second Domain: Implement DevOps development processes (20-25%)

Third Domain: Implement continuous integration (10-15%)

Fourth Domain: Implement continuous delivery (10-15%)

Fifth Domain: Implement dependency management (5-10%)

Sixth Domain: Implement application infrastructure (15-20%)

Seventh Domin: Implement continuous feedback (10-15%)

Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer(GCP) Exam

Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer (GCP) exam is designed to testthe candidate’s technical skills required in the job. Candidates who want toprepare for the exam should have hands-on experience. The candidates must havethe ability in – 

  • Firstly,  by applying site reliability engineering principles to a service
  • Secondly, by optimizing service performance
  • Then, by implementing service monitoring strategies
  • Also, by building and implementing CI/CD pipelines for a service
  • Lastly, by managing service incidents

Who should take the exam?

  • Candidates should be efficient development operations that can keep a balance between service reliability and delivery speed
  • Secondly, candidates should be proficient in Google Cloud skills to build software delivery pipelines, deploy and monitor services

Course outline

Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer (GCP) Exam includes the following domains

First Domain: apply site reliability engineering principles to a service

Second Domain: Building and implementing CI/CD pipelines for a service

Third Domain: Implementing service monitoring strategies

Fourth Domain: Optimizing service performance

Fifth Domain: Managing service incident

Take a step and add flavors to your profile as this is the right time to hit the target. Now is the time to add skills to your personality and upgrade yourself with theses demanding technologies.

Preparation Guide to become a DevOps Professional

There are various learning resources both available online as well as offline which will help you prepare better and would enhance your knowledge and also will guide your journey to the end. Moreover, these resources will help you solve your queries faster. Here are some of the learning resources provided by us which are as follows-

Learning Resource 1- Tutorials

While preparing for the exam you must go through the tutorial available online that will enhance your learning process. These tutorials provide point modules that are necessary for smart learning. Some of the advantages of tutorials are that they make access to learning based on your convenience. Isn’t this cool? Who offers you that? So the moment you are able to find the time, give these tutorials a glance for better learning

Learning Resource 2 -Forums and Study Groups

This is not a mandatory step to your preparation. In other words, this step of joining any study group or forum is entirely your choice. At any point, if you feel like preparing using this resource you can join any study group. But this can also be a boon to your preparation. Study in groups will increase your connectivity with others who are also going through the same journey as yours. You can always ask questions and solve your queries related to the topic you’re having difficulty with. Moreover, it will help you cover vast areas of study and will ensure a better understanding of the concepts.

Learning resource 3Reference Books

As you know that books have remained a satisfying learning resourcewithout any distraction. Not to mention, books provide you leisure learning. Sothere are several referral books available both online and offline whicheverways you prefer. Also, books can make your work easy by marking out thespecific important areas that you can look at during the end time revisions.here are some of the referred books that will help you in your learning-

  • Firstly, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional: Exam: DOP-c01
  • Secondly, Exam AZ-400: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions 30+ Prep Questions
  • Lastly, Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect: Introducing Google Cloud 

Learning Resource 4 – Practice sets/Mock tests

For exams, practice sets of questions can be used for better preparation. Websites that provide practice or mock tests, analyze your skills and knowledge. Self-evaluation is the only way you can test yourself and can determine where you stand. So, go through as many practices or mock tests as possible to have an idea of the set of questions and the way you can answer them. So, START PRACTICING NOW!

Expert’s corner

To conclude, the above-mentioned article might prove to be essential for you to begin something afresh. The article has enlisted down some of the paths to enter into the DevOps culture through which you can keep a firm foot in the IT industry. 

It is pretty much clear from the article that the DevOps is not a software or a tool but rather a culture that can add flavors to your personality just like the cherry on the cake. Moreover, it will help you fetch good jobs with high pay. All you need to do is, outline your requirements for pursuing DevOps certification exams that fit you. Therefore, it is important for you to make a choice as per your interest and get ahead to become a DevOps professional.

Stand out from the crowd with advanced learning skills and expert tutorials on DevOps. Prepare and become a Certified DevOps Professional Now!

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