VMC850 machining center light machine operating procedures

The VMC850 CNC machining center milling machine has a certain amount of ingress and egress with the general CNC machining center milling machine in actual operation. So what are the actual ingress and egress?
1. The CNC machine tool VMC850 CNC machining center milling machine should be operated by staff who have received relative training and achieved standards. Others are not allowed to operate it, or they will be investigated seriously. Check whether the hydraulic oil filter level is within the required oil baseline. Above, the pneumatic valve solves the pressure of the equipment above 0.6MPa;
2. Cover the main power circuit air leakage switch on the side of the CNC lathe, connect the electrical control cabinet to the power supply, the cooling fan at the top of the electrical control cabinet and the motor of the main motor inner window electric fan run; access the NC power switch on the control panel, After all the NC starts normally, if there are other alarms, please clear the other alarms before you can actually operate;
3. VMC850 CNC machining center milling machine Z, X, Y axes return to zero. The method of selecting CNC lathes is to return to the machine tool coordinate system. Press the positive direction key of each axis and the axis returns to the machine tool coordinate system (must return to Z first) Axis, then back to X axis, and finally back to Y axis, pay attention that the CNC blade does not need to interfere with steel parts and CNC lathes);
4. Heating CNC lathe, VMC850 CNC manufacruring center milling machine spindle bearing speed from high to low to 4-5 speed ratios, each axis moves at 1/3 of the larger moving rate within the full stroke arrangement, heating time In 10-20 minutes;
5. Enable the program flow: Turn the MODE knob to the EDIT (program writing mode) part, press PROG to enter the program flow display, enter the program flow number detailed address key O, number ××××, and press the soft key [O Find] to adjust the program flow, press the soft key [Check] to check the program flow;
6. Wash the VMC850 CNC machining center milling machine fixture clamping surface, precise positioning position, steel positioning surface, and blow away the iron pin waste with precise positioning holes. Steel parts are clamped into the machine tool fixture;
7. When using cutting oil, first check whether the cutting oil of VMC850 CNC machining center is sufficient. If not enough, add cutting oil, point the cutting oil water pipe to the steel or CNC blade, and turn on the power switch on the water pipe.
8. After each deployment has been completed, close the door, turn the MODE knob to the AUTO (self-starting mode) part, and press the CYCLESTART emerald green circulation system button to start the production of steel parts (press the COOLANT key, cutting oil open);
9. After the VMC850 CNC machining center milling machine has finished production and processing, open the door, remove the steel parts for accurate measurement, and restore the CNC blade on the spindle bearing to the CNC knife. Wash the tapered bore of the spindle bearing and the collets (prohibited) Blow taper holes with cleaner);
10. Press the red button to turn off the main switch power of the CNC lathe (turn the power switch on the side of the CNC lathe to the “OFF” position);
The ten points above are related to the safe operation rules of the prototyping machining center milling machine. After the actual operation, do not forget to clean and clean the CNC lathe and the surrounding environment. Although it is not very important, sometimes the key points contribute to the success and Failure.