Preparation of UHMWPE fiber: Since the 1870s, the preparation process of UHMWPE materials has continued to develop and improve. It has experienced high-pressure solid-state extrusion, plasticized melt-spinning, gel-spinning, and ultra-stretching. At present, the industrialized and mature UHMW machining technology is the gel spinning-super stretch method.

The gel spinning-super stretch method uses UHMWPE as a raw material, uses small molecules of alkane as a solvent, such as white oil, kerosene, decalin, etc. as a solvent, mixes with the UHMWPE raw material, and adds a certain amount of antioxidant, Finally, it is formulated into a dilute solution, and the resin after machining UHMW swells and dissolves in the solvent, so that the molecular chains are tangled in the solution;

The mixture is transferred to a twin-screw extruder for mixing and extrusion. It is extruded into a coagulation bath through a spinneret to form nascent fibers. The nascent fibers have relatively low modulus and strength. Heat stretching, the degree of crystallinity and orientation of the fiber increased, the UHMWPE fiber molecules cnc machining from folded chain to extended chain crystal, and finally prepared into UHMWPE fiber.