Top DevOps Certifications 2020

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Nowadays, most of the companies think DevOps as an entire culture, rather than just a buzzword. With the increase in demand for rapid developmental strategies and constant application deployments, the need for skilled DevOps professionals is only going to augment in the coming years.

Nevertheless, the field is constantly innovating, the ability of DevOps professionals to prove their expertise is not always straightforward. Obtaining a DevOps certification is one way for potential job candidates and employees to validate and demonstrate their skills, offering a competitive edge over others vying for the same positions.

Therefore, in this article, we have put together some of the top DevOps certifications which are currently in demand. These DevOps certifications can surely help you improve your likelihood of bonuses, promotions, or pay bumps. So, without wasting any minute, let’s begin.

Why consider DevOps Certification?

DevOps certification is not only beneficial for securing a new position, but also for advancing a current one. IT certifications are believed to play a significant role in the hiring process and that such certifications are reliable predictors of future employee success.

So, if you are looking to pivot into a new role or technology, a DevOps certification can help provide better job opportunities. That being said, let’s give a bird’s eye view to the benefits of DevOps certification

  • One of the obvious reasons to consider DevOps is improved skills and knowledge. The information you gain from the DevOps certification program will enhance your current capabilities.
  • Getting expertise with DevOps helps the candidates to validate and demonstrate their skills. Also, it gives them a competitive edge over others and thus brings better opportunities.
  • DevOps positions are consistently ranked among the highest paying salaries in the industry, especially those related to the cloud. So, by obtaining in-demand certification, you not only increase your chances to run such positions but also bag big salaries.

Since DevOps is not just a single tool but an entire practice that combines with other tools and technology, therefore, there is no one certification that will cover it all. Moreover, there is a wide variety of certifications proven to be beneficial for DevOps practitioners based on market needs and industry trends.

For your convenience, we have outlined the top DevOps certifications to boost up your resume and gather relevant skills and credentials that will help you establish yourself as a DevOps engineering professional. 

Docker Certified Associate

The Docker Certified Associate (DCA) is designed for the Docker practitioners who have some relevant experience of working with Docker, DevOps tool to validate the skillset with real-world problems designed by experienced Docker practitioners.

Basic Details

Prerequisite: A minimum of 6 months of experience as a Docker Practitioner

Exam Fee: USD 195

Duration: 90 minutes

Question Type: 55 MCQs

Course Outline

  • Firstly, Orchestration
  • Secondly, Security
  • After that, Networking
  • Subsequently, Installation and configuration
  • Also, Image creation
  • In addition, Management
  • Then, Registry
  • Moreover, Storage
  • Further, Volumes

Kubernetes Certification

Kubernetes, an open-source container management system, is basically a collaboration of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and the Linux foundation which are responsible for automating the process of deploying and managing multi-container applications at scale. It is one of the top DevOps tools that allows the DevOps team to keep pace with the requirements for software development, making it a power player in the world of DevOps certifications.

Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) and Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) are the two certification options one can choose from.

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ccnp exam

CKA Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)

The CKA program evaluates the skills, knowledge, and proficiency that a Kubernetes Administrator should possess. The exam is an online exam comprising a performance-based set of problems that the candidate has to solve in a time period of 3 hours. The users exhibit their competence in a hands-on, command-line environment in this program. Furthermore, the CKA program aims to assure that CKAs have the knowledge, skills, and competency to perform the responsibilities of Kubernetes administrators.

Basic Details

Exam Fee: $300

Duration: 3 hours

Question Type: Problem Solving

Course Outline

  • Application Lifecycle Management 8%
  • Installation, Configuration & Validation 12%
  • Core Concepts 19%
  • Networking 11%
  • Scheduling 5%
  • Security 12%
  • Cluster Maintenance 11%
  • Logging / Monitoring 5%
  • Storage 7%
  • Troubleshooting 10%

CKAD Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)

CKAD certification is intended for professionals who execute core practices of the Kubernetes ecosystem. Candidates are evaluated on how skilled they are in designing, building, exposing, and configuring native cloud applications for Kubernetes. Moreover, candidates appearing for the CKAD exam must be aware of application techniques for Cloud-native application concepts, OCI-Compliant Container Runtime, and infrastructure programming languages such as Go, Python, or Java.

Basic Details

Prerequisites: Application expertise, and familiarity with the Kubernetes environment.

Exam Fee:  USD 300

Duration: 2 hours

Question Type: Problem Solving

Course Outline 

Core Concepts: 13%

Configuration: 18%

Multi-Container Pods:10%


Pod Design-20%

Services & Networking:13%

State Persistence: 8%

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam

AWS offers several certifications for professionals to perform various roles and responsibilities in the AWS cloud. The AWS DevOps Engineer Professional certification exam evaluates the technical skills and expertise of the candidates to operate and manage distributed systems and applications on the AWS platform.

Further, the exam requires a candidate to have familiarity with the processes and methodologies for the development and operations. S/he must have also gained some significant experience in administering operating systems and building automated infrastructures. Documentation, books, white papers, online course, practice tests, and discussion forums are a few learning resources to prepare for the AWS DevOps EngineerProfessional exam. The exam is available in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

Basic Details

Cost: $300

Duration: 170 minutes

Question Type: 40-65 MCQs

Course Outline 

  • Firstly, SDLC automation
  • Subsequently, Configuration management and Infrastructure as Code
  • Alo, High availability, disaster recovery, and fault tolerance
  • Further, Incident and event response
  • Additionally, Monitoring and logging
  • Moreover, Policies and standards automation

Azure DevOps Solution Certification Exam

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service, very similar to AWS and the Google Cloud Platform. It is popular for its wide variety of services, including web servers, email servers, databases, file storage servers, virtual machines, user directories, and more. Incorporating Azure and DevOps provides faster and more reliable deployments, thereby simplifying and speeding up the entire DevOps process.

Among the several Azure certifications, Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification upholds the skills and expertise of Azure DevOps professionals explicitly. Ideally, these Azure professionals will already be working as DevOps engineers, designing and implementing DevOps best practices for the version control, build, release, compliance, testing, and infrastructure as code by using Azure technologies.

Basic Exam Details

Prerequisite: Azure Administrator Associate and Azure Developer Associate

Cost: $165

Duration: 170 minutes

Question Type: 40-60 MCQs

Course Outline

  • Firstly, Designing a DevOps strategy
  • Secondly, Implementing DevOps development processes
  • After that, Continuous integration
  • Further, Continuous delivery
  • In addition, Application infrastructure
  • Moreover, Dependency management
  • Lastly, Continous feedback

Puppet Professional Certification

The popularity of Puppet is no longer a secret. Yes, you heard it right, there are more than 35,000 organizations worldwide which use Puppet, 206 – System Administration Using Puppet Exam. As a result, the demand for engineers, developers, administrators, managers, and architects with Puppet experience has taken a significant rise. The Puppet Certified Professional evaluates the potential aspirants about macro-level knowledge of Puppet IT automation software.

After qualifying the exam, the candidate will be able to operate system infrastructure using Puppet. Moreover, the candidate can learn a few modules like data separation and external data sources. Puppet Language Style Guide can be your ultimate salvation while preparing yourself with Puppet documentation and accepted practices.

Basic Exam Details

Prerequisite: None

Cost: $200

Duration: 90 minutes

Question Type: 60 MCQs

Course Outline

  • Resource abstraction,
  • Idempotence,
  • Puppet facts,
  • Puppet agent lifecycle
  • Practical operational knowledge of:

Puppet language,

  • data service capabilities of Hiera,
  • applications of Puppet DB data,
  • tricks for defining dependencies in Puppet code.

Final Words

As technology continues to evolve, so do companies, and regardless of the industry type, every company is starting to become a technology company. With these changes becoming the heart of the business, there is no question mark to the fact that DevOps is at the core, proving itself pivotal for the success of future engineers.

To sum up, by obtaining one of these valuable DevOps certifications, individuals ensure not only that they remain competitive in their field, but that they remain ahead of the entire curve. Apart from this, it is crucial to gain significant real-time hands-on experience with the DevOps tool for which you are aspired to achieve certification. 

Stand out from the crowd and practice to become a Certified DevOps Professional Now! 

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