Top amazing tips to be followed by networking aspirant’s to pass CCIE

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Top CCIE Preparation Tips you should consider before appearing for exam

CCIE is one of the most renowned Certifications provided by Cisco Systems for the world of Networking. With promises of the huge salary and great designation, it requires a lot more. In this article, we articulated ten important points that need to be considered before starting CCIE preparation.

Also, later in this section, you will find what Dos and Don’t you need to apply on the day of CCIE Certification Examination. It is important to know what will help you at the final time.

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Things you need to ponder on for becoming a CCIE:

  1. The foremost thing you need to keep in mind before going for Networking/ CCIE Field is that, though it is one of the most successful IT areas with great money, it requires a lot of time, money and effort.

Time + Money + Efforts à CCIE

It is not easy to pass through CCNA, CCNP and specially CCIE examinations. It takes years of practice and continuous efforts. Every examination is expensive and with lots of training and lab practice on Cisco devices, lots of money is required to clear this examination.

  1. Choose your training Institute wisely. They will teach you Networking and train you to clear the examination.

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  1. Try to get into the environment of other CCIE or CCIE preparing candidates. They will motivate you, boost your morale and keep you going.
  2. If you are working somewhere already and thinking to go for networking certification, you don’t need to leave your job for it.
  3. Be prepared to spend 8-9 hours a day studying or practicing Networking.
  4. Practice on system keyboard rather than a laptop keyboard. You will get systems to perform the examination on. This will help you in time management.
  5. CCIE Examinations are open book examinations. Go through Cisco website completely. This will help you at the time of examination. For example, you may copy the given code rather typing every command and save time.
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  7. Learn Time Management. CCIE Lab Examination is an 8-hour examination. It is important to complete your exam in the given time.
  8. Learn to do the configurations in the fastest way possible to save time.
  9. Don’t prepare only from one book, use Cisco Press books, Cisco docs and do some research yourself.

Dos and Don’ts for the CCIE Examination:

  1. The CCIE Lab examination is of 8 hours, have breakfast while leaving for it.
  2. Visit the site a day before to avoid being late and commute issues. This will also give you the sense of the environment where you’ll be giving the exam.
  3. Don’t spend too much time in reading the question paper. 15-20 minutes would be enough.
  4. Listen to your proctor carefully at the start of the examination to avoid miscommunication later.
  5. Get access to all the devices before the start of the examinations and verify them. Verify all your consoles.
  6. Don’t forget to save the configurations.
  7. Try to save time to reload and verify your configurations at the end of the examination. Be quick but careful.
  8. If any device takes time in reloading, reload it at the time of break or start working on another device.
  9. Don’t waste your energy talking to others in the lunch break.
  10. Don’t drink too much water/coffee/tea. Avoid wasting time for washrooms.
  11. Read your questions carefully and understand it well. There are minute conditions that need to be considered.
  12. Behave well with the proctors. They will help you out with some technical issues.
  13. In the case of doubt, go to the proctor with the proper information. Make him/ her understand the situation.

Clearing the Certification isn’t considered to be that much easy, you have to go through rigorous training and lots of CCNP 300-510 Dumps would be needed to go through unless you have some expertise training courses like such offered at the ExamClubs.