the world eyeglasses packing museum open

the world eyeglasses packing museum open

The international eyeglasses packing museum was built by MINMO and was completed in April 2018. the total area is over 600㎡,also it have over 900 kinds of eyeglasses case model on show,it is include hard glassescase,plastic eyeglasses case,folding spectacle case,EVA and sport glasses case,soft sunglasses case,paper packing for glasses case and all kinds of lens microfibers.

minmo glasses case

As you see,MINMO is on of our main brand which speicialized in spectacles case only,aim to present a colorful and wonderful collection to you.

we research to develop new shape and pattern for eyewear case everyday.

<a href= target='_blank'>plastic glasses case</a>-minmo high end products

plastic case,usually been looked as a cheap and ugly case for eye glasses,but we did a good job on it.MINMO’s plastic glasses case only means beautiful and excellent,and our customer usually think it is better than classical hard glasses case.

assesories for glasses

GLSFIT is one of our another glasses packing brand,because our main products are case for eyewear,and that brand is about all the assesories around the eyeglasses,it’s about lens cleaning microfibers,glasses gift paper packing and bag,contact lens case,eyeglasses cleanning spray and etc.

All kinds of glasses cases are diverse in shape, diverse in color and reliable in quality, which can meet the needs of the vast majority of optician customers. The new exhibition hall also specially prepared tables and chairs for visiting customers to rest and discuss business, but also prepared some drinks and snacks.

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