The Average of Check Point Salary

Exactly half of all respondents as per the survey have acquired a Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA) credential live and working in the United States. The others checked in from 10 different nations across the globe: Bulgaria, Canada, Hungary, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Spain, Singapore, Turkey, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United Kingdom. Among CCSA holders in the U.S., the average annual salary in 2016 was about $136,270, with a median annual salary of $132,500. Outside the United States, the average annual salary was considered to be $59,900, with a median annual salary of $41,250.

As is often the case with security certifications, most of the CCSA holders who responded to the survey are men. From the total 96.2%, about 3.8% are women, who would be blazing through a lonely trail. Slightly less than 20% of those surveyed are of 34 years or younger. Most respondents would be either firmly ensconced in middle age, or passing through the tail end of those years, with 19.2% of respondents between the ages of 35 and 44 years, while 42.3% between the ages of 45 and 54 years, and 15.8% between the ages of 55 and 64 years. The best way to clear the exam is choosing CheckPoint CCSM 156-115.77 dumps.

The highest level of education would be attained by most CCSA holders is either a bachelor’s degree, which would be about 31.2% of those surveyed or master’s degree which would be about 30.4% of those surveyed, though the non-collegiate crowd is well represented. Slightly more than 15% of those surveyed would have completed some CheckPoint CCSE 156-915.77 dumps, without achieving a degree, while 11.5% would have moved on from formal education after completing high school. At the upper limit of the higher education spectrum, we have heard from a handful of respondents who have doctorates which would be about 7.7% or professional degrees which would be about 3%.

Most CCSA holders, about 92.3% of those surveyed, in the survey are employed as full-time, though unemployment would be relatively high at 7.7%. Among those who would be having jobs, half of them would be working between 41 and 50 hours per week, while a further 11.5% put in more than 50 hours per week. That leaves a fortunate 32.6% who have a standard 40-hour schedule, while a downright lucky 6% put in between 31 and 39 hours per week.

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As you might have been anticipated from an administrator-level credential, the pool of CCSA holders in the survey is management heavy: Roughly 23% of respondents are at the director level, while an additional 15% are either mangers which would be about 5.4% or senior managers which would be about 10%, and we heard from a smattering of executives which would be about 2.7% at the top of the organizational pyramid. The largest bodies of respondents which would be about 38.4% are at the senior specialist level, with a further 15 % rating themselves as specialists, and 5% filling rank-and-file employee positions.

Most CCSA holders are old hands in the cybersecurity space: Nearly 70% of those surveyed have worked in a role that directly utilizes one or more of their certified skills for more than 10 years, while most of the rest have been in the game either between 9 and 10 years which would be about 3.1%, between 6 and 8 years which would be about 12.3%, or between 3 and 5 years which would be about 8.1%. Just 7.3% of CCSA holders in the survey have been in the game for between zero years (1 to 11 months) and 2 years.

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