3.5″ TFT LCD Touch Screen Display Module 480×320 -STONE Display

3.5″ TFT LCD Touch Screen Display Module 480×320 -STONE Display

he STVI035WT-01 is the intelligent TFT LCD Module with UART PORT which can be   controlled by ANY MCU via Simple Powerful Command Set. So it can be used as colourful TFT Display & Touch controller in various electronic equipment.


The STVI035WT-01 include CPU , TFT Driver, Flash Memory, UART port, power supply and so on, the important is that it has the ready-made Basic Control Program and Powerful Design Software, so that it can reduce much development time and cost for engineers.

Physical   Parameter
Model STVI035WT-01
Size (Inch) 3.5 inch
Resolution 320×RGB×240
Color 65536 colors (16 bit)
Viewing Area 70.1 mm × 52.6 mm
Pixel Spacing  0.1905 mm ×   0.0635 mm(H×V)
Overall Dimension 93 mm × 70.1 mm × 14.9   mm(N)/16.5 mm(T)
Net Weight 85 g(N)/ 100 g(T)
 TFT Panel A+  Class    Industry Panel
Touch Screen Industry Level 4 wire   resistance Or without touch screen is optional.
Backlight   Parameter 
Backlight Type LED
Brightness 400 cd/m2(Brightness can be adjustable in 100 levels.)
Contrast 500:1
Backlight life 300,00 hours
Viewing Angle 70°/ 70°/ 50°/   70°(L/R/U/D)
Working Temperature -20°C ~ +70°C
Working Humidity 55°C, 85%
Storage Temperature -30°C ~ +80°C
Screen Mode Digital
Performance   Parameter
CPU CortexM4
LCD Controller CPLD EPM240
Refresh Rate 200MHz
Picture Switching Speed 12 ms/picture (83 pictures/s)
Flash Memory Standard 128MB, Extension   1GB
Memory Amount for picture According to the   capability of the image, Suggest “JPG” format.
Interface RS232/ USB Interface
Image downloading USB2.0 (12Mbps) & U   storage Disk downloading
Voltage Range DC6.0V ~ 40V (typical value: 12V)
Power 0.8W
Test Report
MTBF 4,250,000H
Working Temperature -20°C ~ +70°C
 Air Humidity 60°C, 90%
Continuous Vibration   Testing 10-55Hz, 1.5mm, 10G
 Impact Acceleration   Testing 6ms, 100G
ESD Testing 10KV
Radiation Reliability   Testing 44W


Why STONE TFT LCD Module Is Intelligent?

Item Hardware Software Operation Comparison
WinCE Linux TFT Panel &Driver       &Memory Flash    &UART/USB Port    &5-40V Power Supply GUI Design Software   &Hex Command Set Easy to operate,use simple   instruction     (Hex code)to control   TFT module by any junior engineer. 1.Easy!Pwerfull!Saving!

2.Plug and Play.

3.Working fast.

4.Industrial class

5.Components from   Well-known Brands.

Intelligent TFT LCD Module PC Operation System Develop application programs by   professional software engineer. 1.Need professional operation.

2.Long startup time.

3.Working slowly.

4.High cost.

Normal TFT LCD Module Panel&Driver None Write plenty of control programs   for TFT module by professional engineer. 1.Need tedious & Professional work.

2.Cost lots of development time.

3.Unstable working system4.Poor quality component

TFT Panel Just panel None



1.Develop hardware and   driver.                 2.Write   programs by professional engineer. 1.Need tedious & Professional   work.

2.Cost even more development time.

3.Unstable working   system.

4.Cheap imitated components.