SharePoint Power User Training- How to Take Your Employees to the Next Level

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Modern business relies on collaboration and information. Microsoft Office products are designed to facilitate the communication and sharing needs of all types of organizations. One of the most popular solutions for information distribution and file access is SharePoint. What exactly is SharePoint? How can your employees use it to increase productivity and generate fresh ideas?

SharePoint Basics

SharePoint is a fully customizable online communication tool. Organizations use it to create special access websites for their team members. Unlike intranet systems that require users to be on-site, SharePoint allows users to share, organize, store, and access files from any internet-connected device with a web browser. Businesses are using the awesome power of SharePoint to boost their efficiency in a number of ways.

  • Securely store emails and attachments that contain vital information without clogging up inboxes on the SharePoint site. Simple search functions make it easy to find them quickly when they’re needed.
  • Create project-based task lists and automatically assign duties to team members. Group members are able to see who is responsible for every step of your shared process.
  • Changes to shared documents are automatically tracked. Team members can review earlier versions and restore them if necessary. Documents can be linked to various projects for easier access.
  • When integrated with Outlook, SharePoint users can create event hubs that automatically send invites and reminders, displays links to related documents, and provides space for discussion and joint planning.
  • Alerts ensure that team members are notified when they are assigned a new task through the SharePoint system. Notifications are also sent for task updates.
  • SharePoint allows the creation of help ticket systems that notify the proper accounts when problems occur. All interactions are automatically tracked to increase accountability.
  • Set up blogs for separate teams, departments, and security levels. Access can be limited by profile permissions.
  • Password-protected training materials make it easier for new employees to get up to speed on company policies and procedures at their convenience.
  • Give employees the power to share inspirations and ideas whenever it strikes. No more losing good ideas due to the lack of a pen.

Microsoft SharePoint is a better solution than expensive and unwieldy project management software that is difficult to integrate with your existing programs. Cut your investment and training time with this popular business application.

SharePoint Power Users

SharePoint is a comprehensive tool with many capabilities. Users interact with it at different levels. Roles are defined by the needs of the organization. Some common user types are:

  • Anonymous visitors run into your public SharePoint pages via web searches or direct links provided for their general information.
  • SharePoint visitors have an official profile on your network. Their account permissions may not allow them to change settings or use certain advanced features.
  • Casual users understand that SharePoint functions as an information depository. They know how to access and upload documents.
  • Familiar users are often responsible for lower level administrative duties such as updating specific sites or managing app functions.
  • Power users know how to use SharePoint software to create sites, route documents via various workflows, and many mid-level administrative competences. Power users are often responsible for maintaining a collection of sites.

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Power users help organizations get the most out of their SharePoint software. Their in-depth knowledge of SharePoint features and capabilities enable organizations to stay organized and connected, no matter how many teams or projects they juggle simultaneously. Large corporations generally employ several power users in different capacities to run their customer interfaces, internal communications, and document access.

Power User Training

Like all Microsoft products, SharePoint is designed to be useful right away. Little training is required for your employees to benefit from the program. Over time, motivated users may seek out their own information and become proficient in advanced functions. However, businesses benefit from the presence of a formally trained SharePoint power user.

Employees are instructed by master users who point out information that self-taught administrators might miss. They are able to practice their theories and procedures in a safe environment. Any mistakes made in the training course won’t endanger your business. You can be assured that your SharePoint administrative team has the most accurate and up-to-date knowledge on how to use this powerful business tool.

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