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Part Number Manufacturer Packaging Descript Qty
RT0402BRE071K2 YAGEO Corporation Fixed Resistor, Thin Film, 0.0625W, 1200ohm, 50V, 0.1% +/-Tol, 50ppm/Cel, Surface Mount, 0402, CHIP, ROHS COMPLIANT 503 PCS
MAX3386ECPW TI TSSOP20 RS-232 Transceiver With Split Supply Pin for Logic Side 20-TSSOP 0 to 70 1090 PCS
UP04214001MT Panasonic SOT-563 87090 PCS
JZ6219C33M5G-LF JZ SOT23-5 8590 PCS
AUIRF4905S IR TO-263 Power Field-Effect Transistor, 42A I(D), 55V, 0.02ohm, 1-Element, P-Channel, Silicon, Metal-Oxide Semiconductor FET, TO-263AB, ROHS COMPLIANT, PLASTIC, D2PAK-3/2 3368 PCS
HI1-508-5/A-5 HARINTER DIP-16 2026 PCS
IRFS630 FAIRCHIL TO220 Power Field-Effect Transistor, 4778 PCS
APX809-26SRG-7 DIODES SOT23 Power Supply Support Circuit, Fixed, 1 Channel, +2.63VV, PDSO3, SOT-23R, 3 PIN 16700 PCS
AM29LV320MB-95REC AMD TSSOP Flash, 2MX16, 95ns, PDSO48, MO-142DD, TSOP-48 4697 PCS
242NQ030R IR IGBT module Rectifier Diode, Schottky, 1 Phase, 1 Element, 240A, 30V V(RRM), Silicon 226 PCS