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Part Number Manufacturer Packaging Descript Qty
OPA347SA/250G4 Texas Instruments Micropower Rail-To-Rail Operational Amplifier 5-SC70 -55 to 125 975 PCS
TPS79930DDCT TI SOT23-5 200mA, Low Quiescent Current, Ultra-Low Noise, High PSRR Low Dropout Linear Regulator 5-SOT-23-THIN -40 to 125 3303 PCS
LC35W256EM-10W SANYO SOP28 Standard SRAM, 32KX8, 100ns, CMOS, PDSO28, 0.450 INCH, PLASTIC, SOP-28 549 PCS
MA3130-M Panasonic SOT23-13V Zener Diode, 13V V(Z), 2.56%, 0.2W, Silicon, Unidirectional, TO-236, SC-59, 3 PIN 33090 PCS
NL37WZ17USG ON VSSOP-8 Triple Non-Inverting Buffer with Schmitt Trigger Inputs, US8, 3000-REEL 2193 PCS
LM4040CIM3X-2.5 National SOT-23 100-ppm/°C precision micropower shunt voltage reference 3-SOT-23 161029 PCS
LT1507IS8-3.3 LINEAR CS8 Switching Regulator, Current-mode, 3A, 570kHz Switching Freq-Max, BIPolar, PDSO8 25121 PCS
CY2280-1 CYPRESS SSOP48 Clock Generator, 166.6MHz, CMOS, PDSO8, SOIC-8 474 PCS
NP0G3D300A Panasonic Electronic Components – Semiconductor Products TRANS PREBIAS NPN/PNP SSSMINI6 10090 PCS