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#KHB084SV1AE-G83 Kyocera KHB084SV1AE-G83 New 8.4 inch, Resolution 800, KHB084SV1AE-G83 pictures, KHB084SV1AE-G83 price, #KHB084SV1AE-G83 supplier
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KHB084SV1AE-G83 inverter, KHB084SV1AE-G83 power supply, KHB084SV1AE-G83 electronic board, KHB084SV1AE-G83 VGA board, KHB084SV1AE-G83 touchscreen available.

Shunlongwei Inspected Every KHB084SV1AE-G83 Before Ship, All KHB084SV1AE-G83 with 6 months warranty.

Part Number Manufacturer Packaging Descript Qty
STi5206-AYB STMicroelectronics Low-cost SD advanced decoder SoC for set-top boxes 671 PCS
TNPW080518K2BEEA VISHAY 805 Fixed Resistor, Thin Film, 0.125W, 18200ohm, 150V, 0.1% +/-Tol, 25ppm/Cel, Surface Mount, 0805, CHIP, HALOGEN FREE AND ROHS COMPLIANT 2881 PCS
LM1973MX/NOPB TI SOP-20 8084 PCS
SP3223EEA SIPEX SSOP Line Transceiver, 2 Func, 2 Driver, 2 Rcvr, CMOS, PDSO20, LEAD FREE, MO-150, SSOP-20 6342 PCS
MMBT491 SECOS SOT23 Small Signal Bipolar Transistor, 59890 PCS
PBSS303NZ NXP SOT-223 TRANSISTOR 5500 mA, 30 V, NPN, Si, SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTOR, PLASTIC, SC-73, 4 PIN, BIP General Purpose Small Signal 2590 PCS
[email protected] NXP TO220 25090 PCS
KRX104E-RTK KEC SOT-553 27440 PCS
GS1084LDF GS SOT-252 Regulator 2595 PCS