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1D500A-030A Description

1D500A-030A is a high voltage bipolar transistor Module from Fuji Electric with large current capacity. This 500A / 300V / 1U module features building block transistors and it is very suitable for motor control applications. it is a non insulated type transistor and its net weight is 2.20 lbs. Its length, width & height are 4 inches, 3 inches & 2 inches respectively. 1D500A-030A has features like high current and high DC current gain which make it compatible for high speed switching applications like Uninterruptible Power Supplies, DC Motor Controls, Welding Machines etc. 


1D500A-030A could be used in High Power Switching Uninterruptible Power Supply DC Motor Controls Welding Machines


High current High DC Current Gain Non Insulated Type


Shunlongwei Inspected Every 1D500A-030A Before Ship, All 1D500A-030A with 6 months warranty.

Part Number Manufacturer Packaging Descript Qty
GRM188B11A334KA61D Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd Ceramic Capacitor, Multilayer, Ceramic, 10V, 10% +Tol, 10% -Tol, B, 10% TC, 0.33uF, Surface Mount, 0603, CHIP, ROHS COMPLIANT 626 PCS
THN6501F Kodenshi Corporation Transistor, 971 PCS
173707-1 TE ConNEC E-J MK-2 070 REC CONT LP 1406 PCS
BQ76PL536ATPAPTQ1 TI HTQFP64 3 to 6 Series Cell Lithium-Ion Battery Monitor and Secondary Protection IC for EV & HEV Applications 64-HTQFP -40 to 105 546 PCS
STD100NH02 ST TO-252 60A, 24V, 0.0048ohm, N-CHANNEL, Si, POWER, MOSFET, TO-252, DPAK-3 4890 PCS
ESDALC6V1-1M2 ST SOD882 Single line low capacitance Transil™, transient surge voltage suppressor (TVS) for ESD protection 240062 PCS
ICE3B0565 INFINEON DIP8 Switching Regulator, Current-mode, 67kHz Switching Freq-Max, PDIP8, ROHS COMPLIANT, PLASTIC, DIP-8 26220 PCS
SBM110PT CHENMKO SOP Rectifier Diode, 51113 PCS
LTA460WT-L01 SAMSUNG Mcd, B/R 46 inch, Resolution 1366 250 PCS
Pd018MA61-3801 Innolux 1.8 inch, Resolution 128 250 PCS