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Part Number Manufacturer Packaging Descript Qty
KDS221V-RTK/H KEC Rectifier Diode, 968 PCS
BC848B 1K SK SOT-23 246090 PCS
SSF2418E SILIKRON SOT23-6 Power Field-Effect Transistor, 6A I(D), 20V, 0.021ohm, 2-Element, N-Channel, Silicon, Metal-oxide Semiconductor FET, ROHS COMPLIANT PACKAGE-6 3202 PCS
LBC846BPDW1T1G LRC SOT-363 Small Signal Bipolar Transistor, 0.1A I(C), NPN and PNP, 186090 PCS
CY2309CSXC CY SOP16 PLL Based Clock Driver, 2309 Series, 8 True Output(s), 0 Inverted Output(s), PDSO16, SOIC-16 2392 PCS
CMOZ4V7C CENTRAL SOD-523 Zener Diode, 4.7V V(Z), 2%, 0.3W, Silicon, Unidirectional, PLASTIC, ULTRA MINI PACKAGE-2 3090 PCS
2SB815-6-TB-E ON Semiconductor Bipolar Transistor, (-)15V, (-)0.7A, Low VCE(sat), (PNP)NPN Single CP, SC-59 / CP, 3000-REEL 150090 PCS
MG100H2DL2 TOSHIBA IGBT module TRANSISTOR 100 A, 550 V, 2 CHANNEL, NPN, Si, POWER TRANSISTOR, 2-98C1A, 6 PIN, BIP General Purpose Power 104 PCS
VI-JWY-IY VICOR IGBT module 24V/3.3V/33W 115 PCS
LTN141AT03-002 SAMSUNG Mcd, B/R 14.1 inch, Resolution 1280 250 PCS