Say YES to New CompTIA A+ Certification!

Although no system is ever 100 percent protected, the ability for differentiating between typical network traffic as well as potentially harmful malware is considered crucial and provides the focus of this associate-level certification path. Also, if you wish to acquire this certification, you should gain the CompTIA N10 007 Dumps, which are being offered at the ExamClubs.

Well, if you have not yet made up your mind about whether you should pay attention to the new version of the CompTIA A+ certification or not, this blog article will be of a great help to you. It highlights the top reasons you should consider pursuing this credential.

  1. CompTIA A+ is an Excellent Starting Point for Your Hands-on Experience

The IT market space is highly competitive. The not-so-nice thing about the whole job hunting of a thing is that the recruiters want the individuals with some level of experience, even for entry-level jobs. Come to think of it, not many organizations enjoy the investment that comes with training a green horn. This means having a certification is a good way if you have lack of experience in the industry, and this is where CompTIA A+ comes in. It helps you develop hands-on knowledge on computer repairs and equips you with the skills needed to function optimally working as help desk. Starting your career in these job roles is not bad at all.

  1. CompTIA A+ Certification May Help You Land Your First IT Job

CompTIA A+ adds a validation on your resume. Well, if the credential gives you an advantage over others in landing a job, what stops you from going for it? Earning the CompTIA A+ certificate is worth your efforts because it provides you with the evidence of your skills. In addition, the A+ certification is highly recognized as one of the first credentials that the prospective professionals in the field of IT should achieve. It certifies the general skills and knowledge required of computers and networking job roles. Getting the certificate shows that you are passionate about learning to advance your career, and it is also a proof that you have what it takes to pass a certification exam. Therefore, it can be concluded that earning the CompTIA A+ certificate can help you get an entry-level IT job such as desktop support, for example.

  1. CompTIA A+ Validates Your Knowledge of IT Fundamentals

No doubt, the CompTIA A+ certificate is not going to guarantee a high-level technical position or other senior roles, but it is a good place to start your career path. If you have no IT experience, the certification process will equip you with the knowledge of the basics in the industry. Although the test is made up of only 90 questions, but you have to study a lot and understand the whole exam objectives to be ready for it. The topic areas you have learnt reflect some level of knowledge in the industry, and the credential validates this expertise. By the way, the latest CompTIA A+ certification test covers IT security, scripting, and Cloud concepts. By passing the new exam, you demonstrate that you understand the fundamentals of IT, and with the A+ certificate, you are definitely in a better position.

  1. CompTIA A+ Helps You Resolve General Issues Faster

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The new CompTIA A+ certification covers a wide range of operating systems and technical features of computers. Being able to resolve an issue with a computer or a printer in your office when no one else could add a touch of expertise to your person. A feat such as this, even though small, may go a long way in the management decision towards your next promotion.

  1. CompTIA A+ Prepares You for More Advanced Certifications

If you’re new to the certification process, starting with CompTIA A+ is a great way to lay the foundation for your subsequent certificate pursuit. Earning any credential requires hard work and serious preparation. If you have never got the IT certifications, the study process may be a bit hard to adjust to. However, you can get good knowledge to pass the test. You will learn how to develop a study plan and stick to it. You will also learn what it entails to write a certification exam and the pleasure that comes with passing it. Having your first taste of hard work and rewarding success prepares you for more advanced tasks.

  1. CompTIA A+ is Cheaper Than a Degree in Computer Science

You might want to say this doesn’t relate, but the debate between the certifications and degrees has been an ongoing concern for many people. No doubt, it is a personal decision, but knowing how these two affect your career prospect will significantly help your planning. Really, if you must earn a degree by all means, go for it. The only thing is that it will cost more and the process is longer.

For instance, the CompTIA A+ credential costs less than a computer science degree. If you are pursuing a 2-year CS associate program, for instance, you can expect to spend an average of $20,750 per year, which might not really affect your job prospect at the end of the day depending on your career plan. If you want to work with a small IT firm that focuses on breaking and fixing repairs, an IT certification alone will be perfect. However, if you want a career in CPU design or some other complicated mathematical computation, a degree in computer science will obviously suffice. As you see, it all depends on your career plan.

We hope that you will say ‘yes’ to the CompTIA A+ certification and get the full benefit from it. Good luck!

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