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What is the course outline?

GMAT exam focuses on measuring higher-order analytical skills covering several types of reasoning.

  • First section of Analytical Writing Assessment asks you to analyze the reasoning behind an argument and respond in writing.
  • Second section, about Integrated Reasoning asks you to interpret and synthesize information from multiple sources. Thereby to make reasoned conclusions.
  • Third section, about Quantitative reasoning asks you to reason quantitatively using basic arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.
  • Further, the Verbal section asks you to read and comprehend written material and to reason and evaluate arguments.

GMAT Test-Taking Strategies

We will now discuss in length about each section covered in the GMAT Exam.

Analytical Writing Assessment

This is the first section related to Analytical Writing Assessment consists of one 30-minute writing task. The Analysis of an Argument measures your ability to think critically, communicate your ideas, and formulate an appropriate and constructive critique. You will be required to type your essay on a computer keyboard.

Test Strategies

  1. Firstly, read the question carefully and make sure you have taken all parts of a question into account before you start answering.
  2. Secondly, do not start immediately. You should take a few minutes to think about the question and then plan begin writing.
  3. Thirdly, take care to organize your ideas and make revisions to improve it.
  4. Next, you should focus on the task of analyzing and asking yourself questions.
  5. Also you should illustrate fully, if using any examples. Avoid using simply list your examples rather, explain how they illustrate your point.
  6. Lastly, you must make sure your response reads like a narrative.
    Remember, your response should not read like an outline. It should use full sentences, together with logical transitions between points, together with appropriate examples and instances.

Scoring Process

  • No Score 0 – When not written in English, is merely attempting t o copy the topic, or consists only of keystroke characters.
  • Fundamentally Deficient 1 – When paper demonstrates fundamental deficiencies in analytical writing skills.
  • Seriously Flawed 2 – When paper demonstrates serious weaknesses in analytical writing skills.
  • Limited 3 – When paper demonstrates some competence in analytical writing skills and in its control of the elements of writing but is plainly flawed.
  • Adequate 4 – When paper presents a competent critique of the argument and demonstrates adequate control of the
  • elements of writing.
  • Strong 5 – When paper presents a well-developed critique of the argument and demonstrates good control of the
  • elements of effective writing.
  • Outstanding 6 – When paper presents a cogent, well-articulated critique of the argument and demonstrates mastery of the
  • elements of effective writing.

Integrated Reasoning

We will now be discussing the test taking strategies for integrated reasoning under various section –

Multi-Source Reasoning Questions Test-Taking Strategies

  • At first, you will not be expected to be completely familiar with the material presented in Multi-Source Reasoning sets. Therefore, answer all questions on the basis of given information by various sources.
  • Secondly, analyze every source of information carefully, because the questions require a detailed understanding of the information presented.
  • Thirdly, the text passages often build ideas sequentially, so as you read how each statement adds to the main idea of the passage as a whole.
  • Fourthly, read the questions very carefully, and make sure you understand what is being asked.
  • Lastly, select the answer choices that have the most support based on the information provided.

Table Analysis Questions Test-Taking Strategies

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  • Firstly, you should examine the given table and accompanying text to determine the type of information provided.
  • Secondly, there will be question containing condition that each phrase, statement, numerical value, or algebraic expression does or does not meet given information. Therefore, understanding the condition will help you to clarify the choice to be made in each case.
  • Thirdly, you should read each phrase, statement, numerical value, or algebraic expression carefully to determine the data analysis required. Therefore, careful reading can help you work more efficiently by using table sorts strategically to identify data of interest.
  • Next, you must judge each phrase, or statement, numerical value, or algebraic expression carefully, based on the condition specified.

Two-Part Analysis Questions Test-Taking Strategies

  • Firstly, read all the information given carefully. Moreover, do not let your knowledge influence your answer choices.
  • Secondly, you should determine exactly what the question is asking.
  • In particular, pay close attention to how the question describes the tasks.

Quantitative Reasoning

Problem Solving Test-Taking Strategies

  • You must consult the on-screen timer periodically. Work as carefully as possible, but do not spend valuable time checking answers or pondering problems that you find difficult.
  • You must work out a problem to help avoid any errors in solving the problem. If diagrams or figures
    are not presented, it may help to draw your own.
  • Also, read each question carefully to determine what is being asked.
    For word problems, take one step at a time, reading each sentence carefully and translating the information into equations or other useful mathematical representations.
  • Scan the answer choices before attempting to answer a question. Scanning the answers can prevent you from putting answers in a form that is not given
  • Don’t waste time trying to solve a problem that is too difficult for you.
  • Make your best guess and then move on to the next question.

Data Sufficiency Test-Taking Strategies

  • Do not waste valuable time solving a problem.
  • Consider each statement separately.
  • Judge the statements in tandem if neither statement is sufficient by itself.
  • Answer the question asked.
  • Be very careful not to make unwarranted assumptions based on the images represented.

Quantitative Reasoning

Reading Comprehension Test-Taking Strategies

  • Do not expect to be completely familiar with any of the material presented in reading comprehension passages.
  • Analyze each passage carefully, because the questions require you to have a specific and detailed understanding of the material.
  • Focus on key words and phrases, and make every effort to avoid losing the sense of what is discussed in the passage.
  • Read the questions carefully, making certain that you understand what is asked.
  • Read all the choices carefully.
  • Never assume that you have selected the best answer without first reading all the choices.
  • Select the choice that answers the question best in terms of the information given in the passage.
  • Remember that comprehension-not speed-is the critical success factor when it comes to reading comprehension questions.

Critical Reasoning Test-Taking Strategies

  • Read very carefully the set of statements on which a question is based.
  • Identify the conclusion.
  • Determine exactly what each question asks.
  • Read all the answer choices carefully.
  • Do not assume that a given answer is the best without first reading all the choices.

Sentence Correction Test-Taking Strategies

  1. Read the entire sentence carefully and try to understand the specific relationship that the sentence should express.
  2. Evaluate the underlined passage for errors and possible corrections before reading the answer choices.
  3. Read each answer choice carefully.
  4. Try to determine how to correct what you consider to be wrong with the original sentence.
  5. Make sure that you evaluate the sentence and the choices thoroughly.
  6. Pay attention to general clarity, grammatical and idiomatic usage, economy and precision of language, and appropriateness of diction.
  7. Read the whole sentence, substituting the choice that you prefer for the underlined passage.

Expert Corner

In reality, there is no ‘passing‘ or ‘failing‘ when we talk about the GMAT exam, this is to say there is no official way to qualify your result. However, a low GMAT score will certainly keep you out of your dream MBA business school. To sum it up, a GMAT passing score is one that helps you in the MBA admissions process, while a failing one is one that leaves you with no options.

You should understand that every programs accept a wide variety of GMAT scores, based on their level of selectivity. Let us suppose at Stanford,the average GMAT score for getting through is approximately 730, where on the other hand it is 580 at the Wake Forest School of Business.

Therefore, before you figure out how to pass the GMAT, it is very important to set a GMAT passing score for you. The question then arises how to define that magic number ? This purely depends on where you’re applying.

Tips to Pass GMAT Exam

  • Learn the GMAT Format thoroughly: First and foremost, you should by heart learn every detail about the GMAT format. One way to do this is, is by taking computerized adaptive GMAT practice tests. 
  • Practice Real GMAT Questions: One of the best way to measure your progress as you prepare for the GMAT is to practice with real time GMAT Exam Questions.
  • Work on your basic Skills: The primary aim of GMAT exam is to assess your fundamental skills in quantitative reasoning and logical reasoning , as well as reading comprehension. Focus on addressing any gaps in your knowledge of the basics that will help you succeed on the exam.
  • Focus on your weaknesses: Focus on identifying your error patterns, as it will give you the biggest improvement in terms of your score. Therefore, if you avoid repeating the same mistakes, you can break easily breakthrough and make it to the list.
  • Improve your Timing: Keep a track of how long each question should take you in each section of the GMAT. You should improve your timing through drills. It is also very important to customize practice questions designed to improve your accuracy.
  • Prevent from making silly mistakes: Often careless mistakes occur due to missing important details or failing to read the complete question . It has been seen that students try to glide over the question and directly skip to the answer choices leading to making mistakes.

“Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.”

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