New Technology For Forging Titanium Step Shaft

The step shaft contract belongs to the matching delivery. If it cannot be produced normally, it will affect the signing of a batch of important orders of the company. This order is also a long-term customer in the foreign trade market. Whether this order can be successfully won is of great significance for consolidating the international market. To this end, Baotai Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to organizing personnel discussions, research, and trial forging. It successfully overcomes the difficulties of process difficulty and production organization. It successfully delivered customer products on schedule and won customer satisfaction. The step shaft is forged and processed by the company’s own equipment fast forging machine, and the longest process size of the fast forging machine is 12 meters, and the length exceeds the equipment stroke limit. How to forge the size required by the customer and ensure the straightness is the key and difficult point of production. In production, in order to ensure the length of the product, they made special jaw clamps, making full use of the advantages of the dual-operating machine of the fast forging machine. In the forging process, there are also high requirements for the operator. Slow or unskilled forging will cause the product temperature to drop too quickly, affecting the surface and performance of the product, and may cause the product to be scrapped. In order to ensure the concentricity of the steps, strictly control the reduction of the step axis in different directions. During the forging of the titanium rod, the operator repeatedly rotates and repeatedly forges the product to ensure concentricity and straightness, and lays a good foundation for subsequent processing.