MCP Certification Requirements- Which Employees Should I Certify

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According to global data experts Statista, 82.88% of the world’s desktop computers use Microsoft Windows operating systems. Integrated productivity tools like word processing, spreadsheet, and database capabilities are an important reason why so many computer users prefer Windows. Programs like Word, Excel, and OneNote are easy to learn. However, advanced training allows these programs to be used more effectively.

MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) testing offers many advantages to workers and their employers. But what is MCP certification? What skills should your employees have before seeking certification? How can you managers evaluate existing skills and determine employee readiness?

MCP Certification: Validating Advanced Skillsets

Microsoft productivity tools are used by businesses of all types to shorten task times, facilitate tracking and sharing, and manage documents. While most people know how to use some of the most basic functions these programs offer, there are many advanced capabilities that can revolutionize the way businesses do their daily work.

Anyone can say they’re an expert in a software suite. MCP certification provides objective third-party validation of a user’s ability to access all the capabilities in a Microsoft program. How does certification benefit employers?

  • With MCP certifications, managers have an objective understanding of their workers’ skills and abilities. That makes project planning and division of labor easier and more meaningful.
  • In team environments, the certified employee can serve as a resource for other members who aren’t as well-versed in the program.
  • Certified personnel who know how to use Microsoft programs to their best advantage are able to produce more in less time, thus increasing profit potential.
  • For offices that rely on telecommuters, certification ensures that your independent contractors have the necessary abilities before you commit to working with them.

MCP certification makes it easier for businesses to allocate their human resources effectively.

Precertification: Are Your Employees Ready for Validation?

MCP certification is only for those who possess advanced skills. What skills do those who are ready for certification possess?

  • Does your IT team need someone to take on the responsibility of installing, configuring, and managing your windows systems and devices? Technicians who already show a good understanding of the desktop support is more than ready to take on the challenges of certification in Windows 7 or 10 systems.
  • Are you looking for a programmer to lead your teams down the path of innovation? A potential Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) should display working knowledge of programming languages like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.
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  • Does your business rely on Azure for off-site access to documents and databases? From their daily work, your tech team should already possess the knowledge needed for an Azure specialization.

If your employees consistently meet your expectations in their work duties, it’s likely that they can benefit from certification testing.

Evaluating Employee Readiness

How can managers objectively evaluate employee readiness for Microsoft certification testing?

  • Work experience. Those with the most work experience have likely gathered a lot of unverified yet useful knowledge.
  • Skillsets. Have employees list the programs that they feel most comfortable with. Have them rank their abilities on a scale of 1 to 10. Those who give themselves the highest scores are probably ready for certification.
  • Existing degrees. Do your employees have computer-related degrees? Even if they graduated many years ago, an employee’s tech degree, combined with on-the-job experience, should be enough to prepare them for certification.
  • Not sure your employees are ready for specialized certification? An MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) certification is a great way to validate core skills and knowledge while assessing the potential for higher credentials.

MCP certifications help employers focus their workers’ skills for the company’s greater good. Could your tech staff benefit from a Microsoft certification? ExamClubs offers a variety of Microsoft certifications to fit your business needs. From virtualization to messaging and collaboration capabilities, we offer all the official certification tests you need to support your technical staff and grow your business. Contact our representatives today to learn more.

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