Market application of LED strips

Light strips, talking about this word, there may be many friends who don’t know what it is, but everyone should have seen it in their normal life. Light strip, as its name suggests, its shape is like a long strap, like a rope, the difference is that the light strip can be illuminated, the lighting effect can be said to be beautiful, let’s analyze it with everyone, In the future lighting market, what is the market prospect of the light strip?
With the advancement of science and technology, the fierce competition in the lamp belt market, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly lighting will be more and more popular. According to industry analysts, under the tide of low-carbon economy, environmental protection lamps such as light strips will quickly occupy the lighting market.
As the main luminaire for future indoor lighting, the light strip must have the following characteristics: First, there is no doubt that it is safe, the second is to save energy, and the third is to be pleasant.
The times are constantly improving, and human requirements for lighting are constantly changing. Modern people spend 50%-80% of their time indoors, and they will not be exposed to the sun. This requires the appearance of lighting fixtures such as light strips. Modern people have put forward higher demand for lighting. In this case, we need to use artificial light source to simulate the external light. If the simulation is good, the indoor lighting can achieve a healthy and comfortable effect. However, the outdoor environment is diverse, the snow is refreshing, the fall is satisfied, and the evening is warm. From this perspective, the light belt can exert a greater advantage.
Different places also have different requirements for lighting. Classrooms need lights to ensure that light can make them healthier and enhance their learning. If the hospital can successfully simulate the external environment, it can guarantee the patient’s sleep time and quality. The lighting design is designed to provide people with a shopping experience; then the lighting of the entire city, the use of lights can enhance the image of the entire city.
The light strip is so important, how do we find a proper solution to meet the above requirements? What kind of technology should we use, and also integrate lighting with other systems? Also apply the relevant intelligent light control. In order to better reduce energy consumption, the author believes that LED is a key to solve the above problems. Lights and other lamps can improve the light projection of the entire ceiling through energy distribution and design, and also save energy.
With the development of the times, people’s activity space in the indoor environment has increased, and the influence of lights and other lighting on people’s influence on the city has gradually increased, and the light belt has become more and more advantageous than previous lighting. More in line with the new requirements of the sustainable world.