LPT Training for Your Cybersecurity IT Team

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Cybercrime is a serious threat to your company’s long-term success. According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, a department of the FBI, their workers received complaints of cybercrimes that cost these businesses $5.52 billion between 2013 and 2017.

Hackers can ruin your reputation, steal proprietary information, or expose your clients’ sensitive data. Licensed Penetration Testers (LPTs) are an essential part of keeping your computer networks safe. But what is LPT certification?

Necessary Skills for LPT Certification

When it comes to hacker attacks, prevention is the best strategy. Firewalls, antivirus software, and other security protocols are a good way to reduce the chance of unauthorized access to your networks. These measures, however, have limits that can leave files exposed.

Penetration testing is another layer of preemptive protection. Testers take on the role of malicious hackers. They spend their work hours trying to find back doors, unguarded accounts, and other points hackers could use to illegally enter a company’s digital space. When a problem is found, testers work with other computer security analysts to secure that access point.

Some of the skills an LPT uses throughout their workday include:

  • Detailed knowledge of operating systems. Each operating system has its own unique set of commands, construction, and protocols. LPTs need a deep understanding of their company’s operating system to find weak spots in the programming.
  • Understand the foundations of secure internet communications. Many cyber attacks are delivered via incoming emails and instant messages. Suspicious links and phishing scams that look legitimate to the untrained eye can cause a lot of damage to private information systems.
  • Ability to write computer code and scripts. LPTs often rely on their coding skills to create mock hacking programs. When a weakness is discovered, penetration testers may be involved in the process of writing new security code to strengthen defenses.
  • Teamwork and collaboration skills. White Hat hackers are not a solo act. They rely on a team of other ethical hackers and the entire IT department of their company to secure vast networks. The ability to communicate effectively facilitates group activities.

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Penetration testers use a combination of technical and soft skills in their efforts to protect digital information networks. A certified penetration tester has validated their various skills and knowledge by successfully completing the LPTV (Licensed Penetration Tester Validation) exam.

How LPTs Can Protect Your Business

Here are a few ways having an LPT on-staff directly benefits your business.

  • Upgrading your computer equipment or software? Not all devices and programs are compatible with your current security setup. An on-site LPT continuously tests your entire network so no holes go unaddressed for too long.
  • Do you deal with highly sensitive information like client addresses and card numbers, medical information, or government contracts? Your business is a prime target. Hire an LPT to ensure your security systems are ready to meet the newest wave of attacks.
  • Have you recently recovered from a cyber attack? Even if you think your systems are clear, they may not be. Have your LPT sweep the system periodically to find any malicious code that has been hidden, delayed, or linked to a trigger activity.
  • Do your employees use personal devices to access cloud documents or intranet pages? These activities open your networks to potential problems. Have your LPT test your off-site network access often to ensure your files stay safe.

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