Just In- Avaya Engagement Solutions Integration

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Fall is the season when learning resumes. So naturally, this is the season when certification exam providers update their offerings, release new exams and upgrade their certification programs. This fall, Avaya is no exception.

Avaya provides multi-channel business communication solutions for customer and team engagement. Avaya currently services more than 95% of the Fortune 500 organizations at over 1 million customer locations worldwide, so apparently its certification program is worth some attention.

This fall, Avaya updates its services credentials, ACIS and ACSS, to make them more relevant to today’s business landscape. Both of these credentials have been updated to reflect the new Avaya curriculum.

Avaya Engagement Solutions Integration and Support curriculum offers enable Avaya Associates and Business Partners to integrate, maintain and troubleshoot multi-product architectures.? Avaya Customers are further enabled to fully engage Avaya Solution capabilities and features. Curriculum content builds upon real-life Customer Use Cases and is co-authored by Avaya Professional Services, Avaya Global Support Services and Avaya Learning. Individuals who complete the curriculum benefit by getting to the heart of Integration and Support topics more quickly and understand the interaction within the multi -architecture. While more information about Avaya courses, including detailed blueprints is still in the works, here’s the schedule you need to know about:

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Additional? details? of? the Avaya? Professional? Credential? Program transition? plan? will? be? released? in? several phases? between? now? and? through? calendar? year? 2016.? Each? phase? of? the? newly? released? Solution? Based Certification – changes,? impacts,? opportunities? and? requirements – will? be? clearly? communicated? through standard Avaya channels, emails, and newsletters. So, as they say, stay tuned for updates!

What’s in each of these packages?

Each ACIS curriculum for solution integration begins with fundamental knowledge about the products ?within the solution and their administration. It is then followed by the integration of core products and architectures. The addition of more products completes the advanced architectures. Each ACSS curriculum for troubleshooting and maintenance begins with learning about the G8 methodology (industry standard Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving) as it applies to the solution. This is followed by the identification of problems within the core architectures, up to identifying multiple problems in advanced architectures. Curriculum offerings are module based and release first with Instructor Led Training Offers, followed by Virtual Campus Offerings. Using an optional blended learning approach: Web-based training, Virtual classroom, Instructor Led classes, and Boot Camps are also included. The curriculum culminates with a Solution based proctored certification exam at the end. In addition to the proctored exam, Online Tests aligned with individual courseware are also required to earn the solution certification.

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