How To Prepare For HealthCare Information Security And Privacy Practitioner Exam (HCISPP)

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Who Earns the HCISPP?

Before we move on to other necessary exam details, let’s clear the air about who earns the HCISPP. Thus, professionals who uphold HCISPP certification are instrumental in various job functions, such as:


Before wetake you to the journey of HCSIPP, it becomes important to understand thedifference between HCSIPP and CSIPP.

HCISPP isone of the recent (ISC)2 credentialsintroduced in 2013, whereas CISSP has been made available since 1994. Apartfrom basic exam details, there are two fundamental differences between thesetwo certifications:

  • Firstly, CISSPcovers more technical knowledge, with a focus on security controls andoperations. However, the HCISPP exam puts more emphasis on healthcareregulatory issues, data governance and risk management
  • Secondly,most of the principles in the HCISPP exam are specific to healthcare. In otherwords, there is also a lot more emphasis placed on privacy rather than security.

Why Become an HCISPP?

HCISPP Certification is notjust an ornament in your living room, however it also helps Health InformationSecurity Professionals in Many Ways:

  • Firstly,it upholds the knowledge, experience, and commitment of a health informationsecurity professional.
  • Secondly,it exhibits qualifications to implement appropriate privacy and securitymeasures for the healthcare organizations.
  • Moreover,the certification helps in the advancement of a security professional’s careerby certifying the knowledge and experience.
  • Further,it allows professionals to differentiate their marketability and credibility ashealth information security practitioners.
  • Lastly,it confirms the commitment of the health security professionals to sustaincompetence in the current health security practices.

Exam Overview

If you want to land in HCISPP Certification, it is highlyimportant to know what HCISPP is. Therefore, we have provided a brief about theexam.

  • HCISPPis the ideal certification with the core knowledge to implement security andprivacy controls of a healthcare organization.
  • Inaddition, HCISPP exam provides confirmation of a practitioner’s knowledge of bestpractices and techniques.

Exam Details

Details are important when you think of taking the exam. Therefore,it is always good to have exam details beforehand.

The HCISPP exam comprises 125 multiple choice andmulti-responsive questions. You have to score 700 or more points in a timeperiod of 3 hours. Further, the exam is available in English language only. Aboveall, the exam costs 195 USD.

Exam Details for HCISPP Exam:

Prerequisites for the Exam

Noteveryone is eligible for every exam, thus it is important to know abouteligibility requirements beforehand. For your convenience, we have provided allthe relevant details below:

Firstly,candidate must have a minimum of two years work experience in knowledge areasof the HCISPP.

Secondly,a candidate that doesn’t have the required experience may become an Associateof (ISC)? by passing the HCISPP examination. After that, the Associate of(ISC)? will have three years to earn the two years of required experience.

Course Outline

HCISPP exam includes broad spectrum of topics which ensures its relevancy across all disciplines in the field of information security. Therefore, successful candidates are competent in the following seven domains:

To dig deeper, you can visit HCISPP Course Outline

Book the Exam

Booking your (ISC)? exam is the first step in building a successful andlong-term security career. Moreover, earning an (ISC)? certification validatesyour skills as a security professional in the eyes of hiring managers and yourpeers.

Registering for your (ISC)? exam is easy. Follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, create an account with Pearson VUE, the exclusive global administrator of all (ISC)? exams.
  2. Secondly, select the (ISC)? certification exam you are pursuing.
  3. Thirdly, schedule your exam and testing location with Pearson VUE.

Request for Special Accommodation

For instance, if you require special accommodations for the exam, youcan request one through(ISC)?.

Reasonable and appropriate accommodations for the exam are only providedto people who have demonstrated a need for test accommodations. Therefore, ifyou wish to request an accommodation, complete the accommodation form and return itto (ISC)? prior to registering foryour exam. All you need is a list of following:

  • Firstly, an explanation of the accommodations you need
  • Secondly, documentation supporting the accommodation
  • Further, the exam you want to take
  • Lastly, the exam location

Note: The basis of test accommodations is toprovide examinees with full access to the test. In other words, they don’toffer a guarantee of improved performance or test completion.

Reschedule the Exam

You can reschedule your HCISPP exam if you failed to take it on thescheduled date and time. In order to reschedule or cancel your examappointment, contact Pearson VUE:

  • Online at least 48 hours before the exam
  • By phone at least 24 hours before the exam

Above all, Pearson VUE charges a reschedule fee ofUSD$50 and a cancellation fee of USD$100.

Canyou retake the exam?

The last thing on this earthwould be to retake the exam. Nobody ever wishes to get flunk in the exam.However, failure can happen to anyone. Similarly, if you fail HCISPP exam inyour first attempt, you can retake it. Yes, you heard it right.

Pearson VUE grants a chance toretake your failed exam. Moreover, you can sit the exam up to three times in ayear. The following are the rules in order to retake the exam:

  • Ifyou don’t pass the exam the first time, you can retest after 90 days of theactual exam
  • Similarly,if you don’t pass a second time, you can retest after an additional 90 days
  • Further,if you don’t pass a third time, you can retest after 180 days

Note: Every exam take is fullprice, despite whether it’s a retake or a first-time take.

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Recertification of the Exam

HCISPP certification like every other certification requiresmaintenance. To clarify, HCISPP certification requires to be recertified inorder to maintain its status.

You can recertify the exam if you’ve become decertified due to:

  • Firstly, not meeting your required number of continuing professional education credits.
  • Secondly, having the time limit on your endorsement expire.

How to prepare for the Exam

Making preparation for the exam is an importantpart of academic life. It is all about studying smart as well as hard.Therefore, we bring you some tips that might help you in preparing for theexam.

  • Book a date for the exam at least 3 months before and start studyingimmediately
  • Moreover, it is pivotal to draw a timetable andstick to it diligently
  • It is necessary to take into account the differentpersonal and official responsibilities and thus, adjust the timetable and workhours accordingly
  • Since the exam comprises 125 questions to beanswered in 4 hrs time, the candidate needs to be totally thorough with all thetopics of the exam.
  • Above all, patience, persistence, and consistencyare the factors that might help you to crack the exam

Apart from the aforesaidstatements, the candidate is expected to study the following resources to gothoroughly in order to pass the exam with ease.

Official (ISC)? Guide to the HCISPP

  • The Official (ISC)?Guide to the HCISPP supplies an authoritative review of the key concepts andrequirements of the HCISPP.
  • In addition, itencompasses of all the knowledge elements to demonstrate competency in healthcaresecurity and privacy.
  • Lastly, it covers allthe six domains starting from Healthcare Industry to Third Party RiskManagement.

Official HCISPP Flash Cards

  • WithOfficial CCSP Flash Cards, CCSP aspirants can study anytime and anywhere fortheir exam. Likewise, HCISPPI Flash Cards allows the candidates to studyanytime and anywhere.
  • Secondly,HCISPP Flash Cards while performing gives you immediate feedback about whetheryour answer is correct or not.
  • Moreover, it has the ability to flag individualcards for a separate study. Remember, these cards are sectioned for each domainto make learning easier.

Practice Tests

  • In the age of theInternet, practice tests have gone digital. In other words, penand paper have left behind and you can perform practice tests sitting inyour living room. Testshave more value than you can ever imagine Therefore, you are recommended toperform practice tests and evaluate yourself.
  • Students who see their practice tests as learning opportunities make the biggestscoring leaps. Therefore, TestprepTraining is your one stop destination. In other words, Testprep Trainingprovides exclusive practice tests which help you clear the exam with proper preparation and training.


Exam Day

Exam day is not only about taking the exam andgetting your results. Rather, it is more than that. In other words, there arefew other factors you need to consider on your exam day.

Check-In Process

Try to reach at your test center at least 30 minutes before your exam. To check in, you’llneed to:

  • Firstly, show two acceptable forms of ID
  • Secondly, provide your signature
  • Thirdly, submit to a palm vein scan

There are few things you cannot take in the testroom.

  • Firstly, you can’t wear hats, scarf etc in the test room.
  • Secondly, you have to leave your personal belongings outside the testing room. You will have access to secure storage. However, storage space is small, so plan accordingly.

The Test Administrator(TA) gives you a short orientation. After that, the TA will escort you to acomputer terminal.

Exam Assistance and Breaks

You should remain in your seat during the exam, unless you are asked toget up. In other words, you cannot change your computer terminal unless a TAdirects you to do so.

Raise your hand to notify the TA if you:

  • Have a problem with your computer.
  • Want to change note boards.
  • Need a break.
  • Require the administrator for some reason.

Your total exam time includes any unscheduled breaks you may take. Youcan leave the testing room during your break. However, you cannot leave thebuilding or access any personal belongings unless absolutely necessary.

When you take a break, you are required to submit to a palm veinscan before and after your break.

Testing Environment

The noise of turning pages in a paper-and-pencil testing environment isvery normal. Likewise, typing noise is a normal part of a computerized testingenvironment. The test centres have no control over the sounds of people typingon keyboards next to you.

Note: Earplugs are available on request.

When You Finish Your Exam

After you finish, raise your hand to call in the TA. The TA will let yougo once you’ve met all the requirements. On rare occasions, the test center mayhave technical problems and you may need to reschedule your exam.

For instance, if technical issues cause you to wait more than 30 minutesafter your scheduled exam start time, you have the choice to wait or reschedulethe exam with no additional fee:

  • Firstly, if you choose not to reschedule and take the test after your delay, your test results will count. You’ll have no further recourse.
  • Secondly, if you choose to wait but change your mind before starting (or restarting) your exam, you can take the exam at a later date at no extra cost.
  • Thirdly, if you choose to reschedule or the technical problem can’t be fixed, you’ll be allowed to test at a later date at no extra charge.

Above all, if test centre identifies technicalproblems before your exam, they’ll make every attempt to contact you.

From the Expert’s Desk

Nothing comes easy in life, which means you have tostrive hard for it. Similarly, HCISPP certification requires moxie ofdetermination and hard work. You need to prepare yourself and slave away atthis exam. Remember you are the one who is responsible for your success, hencemake sure it counts. Further, we hope that you will follow up all the relevantdetails provided in the blog.

Above all, we highly recommend you to study well tolead a better future. To ease your way, Testprep Training provides HCISPP Practice Test.

 Hence, clear theexam with proper preparation and training with Testprep Training.

Good luck with your exam!


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