How to Prepare for CompTIA Linux+ LX0-104 Certification

Clearing the Certification isn’t considered to be that much easy, you have to go through rigorous training and lots of CompTIA SY0 501 Dumps would be needed to go through unless you have some expertise training courses like such offered at the ExamClubs.

CompTIA Linux+ certification validates one’s expertise in one of the most significant operating systems used in IT. Gaining CompTIA Linux+ certification is the beginning of the success that will lead you to advanced and distribution-specific Linux certifications. A certification ending with the ‘+’ symbol, represents a good skill benchmark. Once you have passed both the exams, you will get CompTIA Linux+ certification. So, let’s start here with the LX0-104 exam information.

Linux+ LX0-104 Exam Overview

  • Prerequisite: CompTIA Linux+ LX0-103
  • Number of Questions: 60
  • Passing Score: 500 / 800
  • Schedule Exam: CompTIA Marketplace
  • Sample Questions: CompTIA Linux+ Sample Questions
  • Practice Exam: CompTIA LX0-104 Certification Practice Exam

Exam Objectives

  • Scripting, Shells, and Data Management
  • Desktops and User Interfaces
  • Essential System Services
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Fundamentals of Networking
  • Security

Whereas Linux+ LX0-103 exam mainly focuses on the basic concepts of Linux, Linux+ LX0-104 exam is more precise about the applications, scripting, and security. One needs to have a great knowledge of the files used by a shell and should be easy with the process of shell customization. You should know about script scheduling, writing scripts, and user management. Also, you should have the basic knowledge of logging, email servers, printing, and time servers.

7 Steps to Prepare for Linux+ LX0-104 Certification

Linux+ LX0-104 certification exam needs in-depth knowledge of Linux fundamentals. Thus, it proves your skills and proves that you are an expert and have more knowledge as compare to non-certified associates. Here, we have described some useful tips that will help you to pass CompTIA Linux+ LX0-104 exam. We have tried to facilitate the study process for you. These preparation tips will help you to prepare and pass CompTIA Linux+ LX0-104 exam.

1) Create Your Study Plan

One of the essential steps to prepare for the LX0-104 certification exam is to understand where to focus your energies. You should know the objectives of the certification exam and find your strengths and weaknesses related to the skills, knowledge areas, concepts, and technologies to be tested. Create Your study plan to prepare for the exam while covering all the exam objectives.

2) Start the Exam Preparation Earlier

You should start the LX0-104 preparation at least a few months before the exam so that you do not feel rushed. Start slowly and then get yourself up to the full Exam preparation mode. Review the range of LX0-104 study material. Once you have an idea of what the LX0-104 exam will cover, review the documents to cover the objectives.

3) Begin with Linux+ Study Guide

Now that you have known about the Salary of Network Security Engineer, you must be attracted to achieving it. If you wish to have it, you must have to do lots and lots of studies, unless you have a good and reliable CompTIA TK0 202 Dumps provider like that of the ExamClubs.

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It is essential that you should read the Linux+ Study Guide to understand the things that are required to pass the certification exam. One of the best guides is the CompTIA Linux+ Powered by Linux Professional Institute: LX0-103 and LX0-104. It is a complete study guide that has been written by Linux specialists. This study guide includes the objectives of both the LX0-103 and LX0-104 certification exam.

4) Prepare with Some Good Books

There are so many LX0-104 books available in the market, but it is needed to select the good one to study. These books are written by experienced professionals and will be very helpful in your preparation.

5) Review the Available Online Material

There is a lot of stuff available online for the LX0-104 preparation of this certification. You can download multiple e-books that are available free of cost. Also, you can search for LX0-104 online courses. Many Linux training videos are available online you can refer to them to cover exam objectives. You can also try LX0-104 online practice tests on With these LX0-104 practice exams; you will have an idea of exam pattern. It will also help you to gain your speed while attempting LX0-104 exam questions.

6) Test Your Preparation Level Regularly

You should prepare for your LX0-104 exam by testing yourself daily. If there is something that you do not know, you must go and find the answer. This will provide you an idea of what to expect when you are ready to take your LX0-104 certification exam. It makes you find your strengths and weaknesses so that you can work on your weak areas to get fully prepared. You can take some LX0-104 mock tests and practice papers to check your preparation level.

7) Prepare Exam Notes

It is beneficial if you prepare a set of notes while studying. You can write the key facts and commands that you think are necessary from the exam’s perspective. You will be able to commemorate the information, and also, you can check out these notes at the time of the exam. So, at that time these notes will help you to bring everything back to the mind that you have read.

Acquiring the certification isn’t going to be an easy task, but if you have the expertise help of the CompTIA TK0 203 Dumps offered at the ExamClubs, you would be able to achieve it in a single attempt.