How To Prepare For Cloudera Certified Administrator Exam

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Cloudera Certified Administrator Certification is a dream for many Hadoop professionals. They are the ones who want to exhibit their portfolio as certified Hadoop Administrators. Also, it is equally important to understand that Cloudera is the top Big Data certification provider and the top Hadoop platform in IT world. Therefore, Big data Cloudera certification vindicates true specialists at the highest level of hands-on challenges.  

Cloudera Certified Administrator exam is not easy like every other multiple choice exams. It needs proper preparation and moxie of determination. Therefore, Testprep Training has created an article below to direct the potential aspirants.

The article below will discuss about Cloudera Certified Administrator Certification exam details, followed by how you can prepare for CCA certification.

Why CCA Certification?

CCA Administrator certification is a paramount certification for Apache Hadoop and Big Data. Moreover, it is a performance-based certification that checks your skills profoundly with the hands-on exam. Following are the reasons to go for this particular certification:

Firstly, CCA Administrator certification is offered for Big Data and Hadoop skills, which provides an opportunity to become a certified expert in these technologies.

Secondly, it is a well-trusted certification for Big Data engineers in the industry. 

Further, the certification shows the authenticity of the skills you mention on your resume. 

Above all, you can showcase your proficiency of Hadoop with the CCA certification.

Skills required for the exam

  • Firstly, candidates applying for the exam should know the installation process of cloudera manager.
  • Secondly, they should know how to perform configuration for Hadoop clusters.
  • Thirdly, candidate should be able to manage daily operations in the company.
  • Above all, there is knowledge requirement for best security practice and ability to find the problem for troubleshooting.

Which is better Hadoop Cloudera or Hortonworks?

Cloudera and Hortonworks are both Hadoop distributions for various companies. 

Cloudera includes commercial license and is used for commercial purpose. However, Hortonworks has open source license which makes the business growth strategies different from each other. 

Moreover, Hadoop distributions have good market growth. But Cloudera being the older has much more impact and Hortonworks is also catching up fastly.

In conclusion, both have different features but Cloudera is always a good choice for Hadoop.

Exam Details

The Cloudera administration certification is a 120-minute hands-on exam, providing around 8-12 questions. The passing criteria are 70% and the exam comes in the English language only. Above all, the exam costs USD 295.

Note: The Cloudera certification contains the questions where there is a particular scenario for solving. 

The exam is graded immediately once you submit the exam. Hence, you get the score on your email on the same day. In addition, you will receive another mail within few days of taking the exam if you pass the exam. The email contains the PDF file of your digital certificate along with your license number.

Exam Details for CCA-131 Exam

Prerequisites for CCA-131 Exam

Cloudera certification administrator exam does not have any prerequisites. However, any training or experience related to system administration always assists. Therefore, it is advisable to take the Cloudera administration certification training. In addition, prior work experience in Cloudera administration helps in passing the exam.

Course Objectives

1. Installation :

 Lays out all demonstrative skills and understanding of the installation procedure for Cloudera Manager.

2. Configuration :

Involves basic and advanced configuration areas to administer a Cloudera Hadoop cluster efficiently.

3. Management :

Enfolds the maintenance and management skill to support day-to-day operations in the enterprise cluster.

4. Security :

Assists to gain relevant services and configuration skill the cluster needs to meet the security policy

5. Testing :

Gives fine-tuning and testing skills on operational metrics and cluster performance.

6. Troubleshooting :

Covers the areas to demonstrate the ability of an administrator to find the cause analysis of a problem. Moreover, it helps in optimizing inefficient execution.

Book/Schedule the Exam

After being exposed to exam objectives, it’s time to book the exam. Follow the below points to book the exam.

Firstly create an account at It is mandatory to use the exact email address to register on

Secondly, select the exam from the list that you have purchased

Thirdly, choose a data and time to take the exam. You can schedule an exam 24 hours in advance only

Further, choose a time slot for your exam

Above all, pass the compatibility tool and install chrome extension to complete the registration process.

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Reschedule the Exam

If you wish to reschedule your exam, you must contact 24 hours prior to your scheduled exam. All exams are non-refundable and non-transferable. Therefore, if you need to reschedule your exam, please sign in at

What if I fail?

For instance if you failed, you must wait a period of 30 days before you retake the same exam. You can take the exam as many times as you want until you pass the exam. However, you must pay for each attempt. In other words, Cloudera offers no discounts for retake exams.

Maintaining the Certification

It is highly important to note that all Google cloud certifications are valid for two years from the date certified. Therefore, candidates must recertify their certificates in order to maintain their certification status and certificate number.

Get your hands dirty!

Without engaging your hands on practice, it is almost difficult to crack the exam.  As it is a hands-on exam, therefore this exam requires a different approach than the normal tests. But don’t worry. Testprep Training has made your work easy. In other words, it has organized a list of resources you can refer to while studying. 

Installation and Configuration:

 Firstly, prepare for the installation process of CDH and Cloudera Manager along with Hadoop set up. Moreover, effective administration of the Hadoop cluster and advanced level configuration settings are essential.

Management and Troubleshooting:

Secondly, you should know about the cluster maintenance for everyday operations. For instance there is any error, troubleshooting is a desired skill.

Secure and Test:

Thirdly, the essential skills include the configuration of the cluster as per the security policy. Further, this includes configuring HDFS, Hue authorization and Sentry. 

Apart from aforesaid tips, you can also refer to a few books which are given below:

Cloudera Administration Handbook (by Rohit Menon)

This Cloudera certification book is an excellent book for Hadoop administrator. Moreover, the book will greatly help you to provide an administrative guide on the CDH5 platform in following core areas.

  • Firstly, understanding the Apache Hadoop architecture?
  • Secondly, how to use HDFS and also MapReduce for all file-related operations
  • Further, Installation and configuration of CDH?
  • Installation and configuration of ?Cloudera Manager
  • Implementing security using Kerberos by installing and configuring it in the cluster
  • Node management ?in a cluster using cluster management tools
  • Above all, understanding and configuring the multiple backup options of ?HDFS

CCA131: Hadoop Admin Certifications

You can use this book as your Cloudera certification book as it describes how to set up four nodes cluster using VMware workstation on your windows machine. However, you can do the set up on your Mac Book too.

Further, the book covers total 15 chapters along with six problems scenarios. As CCA131 is more about hands-on practice, hence you may need to practice more and more practical scenarios. Thus we would suggest you follow

Along with the preparation guide, this book will let you get acquainted with the platform itself and its set up.

?Hadoop 2.x Administration Cookbook (by Gurmukh Singh)

The book will help you to learn about –

  • Firstly, how to set up the Hadoop architecture to run the cluster smoothly
  • Secondly, maintaining the Hadoop cluster on HDFS
  • About the high availability other tools like Zookeeper
  • Above all, troubleshooting on Hadoop cluster

Exam Day

Before you appear for the exam, you need to focus on few things. Therefore, following re the few tips you need to follow:

  • Firstly, reach the exam venue 15 minutes prior to the exam. In other words, you know that you are going to face challenging questions. Hence, do not confuse yourself and go one by one. 
  • Secondly, comprehend the problem and the expected output of the same. 
  • Thirdly, understand the directory location asked in the question. Remember not necessarily all directories that you are going to create will be in HDFS. 
  • Further, make sure no services are down, and no warning is there when you are about to finish the exam.
  • Above all, never finish your exam with the cluster down in the state. It will mark all your problems as wrong. 

Na?ve advice

Cloudera Administrator Certification (CCA 131) is a wonderful platform provided by Cloudera for the budding engineers. With the Cloudera administrator certification training, you can learn all the required skills for a Cloudera administrator. However, Cloudera certifications do not come to our minds in the first place when we speak about Big data certifications. Reason being, it is too hard and costly. Therefore, when you are going to invest lakhs of money for certification, proper preparation means a lot to you. To help you out, Testprep Training offers both paid and practice test with enough practice and knowledge. 


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