How to pass the AACD exam

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It wisely said that you never stop learning. Then why not learn something new and be up to date with all the latest technologies. In Addition to this, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) accreditation helps you in achieving your full potential.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) serves to set standard for superiority in cosmetic dentistry. Achieving accredited position from the AACD requires devotion to enduring education, vigilant observance to the protocols and a resolve to generate incomparable dentistry. Therefore, in this article, we’re providing you with all the information regarding AACD EXAM and how to pass it.

Why should you do AACD?

Are you still wondering if AACD is a journey that is right for you to pursue? Then you have reached the right destination. In this section we’ll convince that your journey is totally worth it. Below are some of the few benefits of being accredited with AACD-

  • All AACD members are offered education and training according to the latest techniques and procedures.
  • All members are always staying up to date with the current professional skills.
  • Moreover. AACD professionals are always one step ahead in the market.
  • Not just in skills but an AACD members also gets more patients in comparison to others.
  • As an AACD dentist, you get to offer your patients superior treatment options.

These are a few benefits, you can benefit from. In reality the benefit lists go on and on. So, if you’re willing to learn from the dentistry elite’s, then you should go ahead and understand the AACD exam overview in the next section below.


Exam overview: AACD 

 The Accreditation Examination is a foundational level test in cosmetic dentistry. Individuals who possess knowledge in all phases of cosmetic dentistry are expected to pass the examination. The accreditation process encourages further education. If a candidate is already a member of the academy, then interaction with determined co-worker will turn out to be beneficial. Being an accredited member can lead to professional growth. 

To qualify the examination the candidate must be 

  • A cosmetic dentist who should have a clear understanding of all the latest technologies.
  • An eye for detail and how to use current tools in cosmetic dentistry.
  • A cosmetic dentist with good business skills is need of the hour.

Cosmetic dentistry involves:

  • The addition of dental material to teeth or gum- porcelain, bonding, veneers.
  • Gum grafting which includes the removal of tooth and gum structure-gingivectomy, enameloplasty.
  • For Instance, Improvement in appearance of face- dental laminates, scaling.
  • Addition or removal of dental material- teeth whitening, gum depigmentation, straightening teeth.

All the important exam details here

In this section we’re going to get you through all the three sections step by step. So let’s get started.

STEP 1: Written Examination


 To appear for the written examination, the candidate should have completed the Doctor of Dental Surgery degree program. In addition to this, the candidate can be any dentists (including recent graduates, faculty and residents) or any dental laboratory technicians.


 This fee(non-refundable) includes the processing of the examination application and one testing appointment.  

  • Firstly, 400 USD for paper-based at the Annual AACD Scientific Session
  • Secondly, 685 USD for computer-based at Castle Testing Center


The written examination is in MCQ Format.  The examination can be both written as well as computer-based. There are more than 100 multiple choice questions in the first written examination. More than 90% of the questions test foundational knowledge of cosmetic dentistry.

STEP 2: Clinical Case Examination

Only after qualifying, the candidate is allow to appear in the clinical case examination. This is the core of the accreditation three-step process.


Since clinical case exam is the core of the accreditation process. Here is a list of prerequisites.

  • Candidate must have cleared the written examination first.
  • Secondly, the candidate should have attended two workshops: the Accreditation Workshop and Criteria Workshop. 
  • Next, the candidate should have attended at least half the annual scientific sessions since passing the written examination.
  • For all the candidates appearing for the written exam at a testing center, you can submit cases as long as you are attending the annual scientific session the calendar year you pass the testing center written exam.
  • Further, your submission form must be completed, and fee for each clinical case should be paid.
  • Lastly, the outstanding “ethical issues” with the AACD needs to be resolve prior to clinical case submission.


This too includes a non-refundable submission fee of $250 member and $350 for non-member (USD) per clinical case submitted.  Moreover, the candidate needs to submit a total of five clinical cases to qualify in this section.


The clinical case submissions allow the candidate pursuing Accreditation to demonstrate diagnostic skills as well as clinical excellence.  To cover a variety of techniques, five specific types of cosmetic dental treatments have been chosen. So, the candidate needs to submit all the five case types. Hence, covering all the range of cosmetic dentistry.

STEP 3: Oral Examination

This is the last part of the three-step accreditation. This is a two-fold purpose examination. The first purpose is to provide the dentist with an opportunity to verify and authenticate passed casework. The second purpose is to provide with an opportunity to demonstrate their treatment planning abilities.


To appear for the last part of the accreditation process, below are the following requirements that need to be met beforehand.

  • All five required clinical cases must have been passed.
  • Candidates also need to attend at least half of the annual scientific sessions, starting with the session that the dentist took and passed the written examination.
  • Both the application and fee should be submitted successfully.


Fee for the oral examination is also non-refundable which includes  $500  for members and $725 for non-member (USD). With the successful completion and qualification of the oral examination, a dentist becomes an Accredited Member in the AACD.


As the name suggests, the oral examination is a type of interview which serves two purposes. In the first part of the oral examination, the dentist will be inquire about his/her case selection, diagnosis and treatment planning, or materials and techniques on any of their passed clinical case submissions.

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The candidate’s knowledge should clearly demonstrate a familiarity and understanding of these cases. Moreover, Additional questions can be asked that cover related topics considered relevant by the examiners.

 In the second part, the dentist will have to Present information regarding a pre-selected case.

Now that you are prepare with all the information regarding exam details. Let’s move on and understand the AACD accreditation process. 

AACD Accreditation Process

 Accreditation is a three-step process, consisting of a written examination, clinical case submissions for examination and lastly an oral examination. Each part must complete in order i.e. you have to first pass the written examination, then the clinical case submission and not vice versa.

The dentist has the flexibility to proceed at a pace that works best for himself/herself as long as the process is completed by the fifth annual AACD scientific session following passing the written examination. 

Now that all the exam details are with you. Let’s take a moment a understand the accreditation process. It’s not that hard. So give it a little time.


  • Candidate has to apply and appear for the written examination at the Annual AACD Scientific Session or at a Scantron Testing Center.
  • After qualifying the written examination, the five year time period starts.
  • Next Candidate has to attend to two required workshops at an Annual AACD Scientific Session or they can watch them online* in the Virtual Campus.
  • Once the written examination is passed and the two required workshops are successfully completed, candidate then moves onto the next examination i.e. the case submission.


In order to complete the second step, These 5 submissions are necessary. Make sure you follow all the protocol exactly mentioned above. If you still have a doubt, CHECK HERE MORE.


When all the clinicalcases are successfully submitted, candidate receives the invitation to oralexam. Finally the last step to become an accredited member.

A few guidelines beforeappearing for the oral examination-

  • The dentist must have cleared all fivemandatory clinical cases. In case of lab technicians, they must have clearedall three mandatory clinical cases.
  • The candidate must have attended at leasthalf of the annual scientific sessions. 
  •  The application, fee, and externalflash drive must be submitted at the AACD Executive Office till the lastdate. 
  • The dentist or the lab technician candefer appearance for the oral examination as long as all three parts of theAccreditation process are concluded within the time frame.

Nowthat the above mentioned guidelines are clear. Candidate should make sure todress professionally and be on time. Make sure you’re fully rehearsed with allthe clinical cases.

After the third and the last step of the accreditation process,you become an accredited member.  CLICK HERE FOR MOREINFORMATION. 

Now that the accreditation process is clear to you. Let’s understand how you can register yourself!

Step by step guide to being accredited

Ordinarily, clearing exams can be hard to qualify. Incredible things take time. But incredible efforts can skyrocket your career. Therefore our experts have created this guide so that you can reach the desired goal.


Visiting the official site should be a first and foremost step in your preparation. All the information regarding the AACD test is provided on the official website of AACD. All the information from basic exam details to the course outline and grading is mentioned on the website. So make sure you go through the website first.


The second step while preparing should always be reviewing all the exam objectives. This becomes the most crucial step. This will ensure that you’re not leaving anything important while preparing yourself for the examination. As each exam is different from the other, so are its objectives. Therefore this becomes an important step to follow.


Next, important hurdlethat students face is where to study for the particular examination. So here,we’re providing with all the list of books and journals that will be helpfulfor your preparation.


  • Firstly, AACD Guide to Accreditation Criteria Contemporary Concepts in Smile Design Diagnosis and Treatment Evaluation in Cosmetic Dentistry American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.
  • A Guide to Accreditation Photography Photographic Documentation and Evaluation in Cosmetic Dentistry American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.
  • Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry: Material Selection and Technique by Terry and Geller.
  • Lastly, Contemporary Implant Dentistry by Misch.


  •  First, Compendium 
  • Second, Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Third, Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry
  • Last, Journal of Oral Implantology


  • Annual AACD Scientific Session Accreditation Track Lectures—Live at our Conferences
  • Annual AACD Scientific Session Accreditation Track Lectures Recordings
  • AACD Accreditation Courses in the Virtual Campus
  • AACD Accreditation Examination Criteria Listing
  • Written Exam Subject Breakdown


Your fourth preparatory step includes the  AACD virtual campus. In simpler terms, this is your one stop destination for all the learning resource. The virtual campus offers you with all the education content, from the remarkable lineup of lectures at annual scientific sessions, to Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry articles and archives, to Accreditation resources, and much more. Therefore, make sure to check this out.


The very next step after going through all the learning resources should be to evaluate oneself. So we recommend going through practice papers. Don’t try sample tests if you’re not done with your syllabus. After practicing and testing yourself, you can easily figure out the sections where you lack behind. However, Don’t forget to practice!



Managing time in yourbusy schedule can be hard to maintain but not impossible. Therefore we’ve comewith a few tips, so that it’s easy for you to juggle all your chores.

  • Firstly, Multitasking is not the solution. So, set a time limit to each and every task.
  • Plan yourself ahead- make a planner of our daily chores and arrange them in an order which is not stressful. 
  • Set your own prioritize.
  • Stop procrastinating now. Make sure you’re fully utilizing your time.
  • Lastly, Take short breaks in between to avoid any inconvenience.


RememberAACD professionals are people have gone the extra mile and devoted themselvesto becoming AACD accredited members. So, make sure you’re up to date with allthe latest technology in the dental field.

Therefore, wewould recommend you to go through all the above mentioned guidelines and resources.Exams are not easy to handle. But don’t stress yourself. Prepare yourself well.Go through with all the practice test for self evaluation.

Tosum up, your path may be difficult but we are sure that it will definitely berewarding. So, buckle up and become accredited.


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