How to pass Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam

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Prerequisites for the exam 

Anyone who wishes to attain certification in Salesforce administrator should have six or more months of experience as a Salesforce administrator. Additionally, the candidate should be capable of maintaining a Salesforce organization and responding to common business requirements. Therefore, Salesforce Administrator companies look for a person who can perform administrative functions. 

Likewise, candidate having knowledge of the features available to the end users is a perfect match for the certification.

Exam Outline

Salesforce Certified Administrator exam extends the hand by providing a course outline. In other words, candidate can measure his/her knowledge and skills related to the following objectives. A candidate should demonstrate the application of each of the feature below.


? Differentiate between the various UI features that an administrator controls, including the implications


? Recognize the steps to set up and/or maintain a user  

? Comprehend the implications of activating, deactivating, or freezing a user.


? Describe the various organization security controls

? Describe the appropriate use of a custom profile


 ? Discuss the standard object architecture and relationship model.

 ? Understand the implications of deleting fields


? Determine the capabilities and implications of the sales process. 


? In this you will learn about defining the capabilities of case management.  In Addition, you will determine how to automate case management 


 ? Explain the capabilities of activity management. Moreover, the features of Chatter.


 ? Explain the considerations when importing, updating, transferring, and mass deleting data.


? Explain the appropriate automation solution based on the capabilities of process. Similarly, define capabilities and use cases for the approval process.


? Explain the appropriate automation solution based on the capabilities of process.


? Explain the installation and synchronization options of Salesforce Lightning for Outlook. Secondly, explain the capabilities of the Salesforce Mobile App.


 ? In conclusion, determine use cases for App Exchange applications

How to Book the Exam ?

Before you start preparing for the exam, it is important to book the exam. Without booking you won’t be able to sit in the exam. Thus, if you are determined enough to go for this exam, then go and register yourself. Booking the exam is so easy. You only need to follow the steps given below: 

Log in to Webassessor. If you do not have a test taker profile in Webassessor, you are required to create one.

  1. Firstly, Click Register for an Exam.
  2. Secondly, Discover the exam you wish to schedule and expand the section to view the delivery options. You can choose to register for the exam as onsite proctored or online proctored. Click the Register button for the delivery method you want.
  • If you are interested in online proctored exams, click the link below

Online Proctoring – Taking Your Exam Remotely.

2. If you selected the onsite proctored exam:

  • Firstly, select the date and time you would like to take the exam; read the Reschedule and Cancellation Policy, select the acknowledgment check box.
  • Secondly, all online proctored exams are automatically adjusted to the time zone of the location you inputted.

4. Click Select.

5. Review the exam and scheduling details, click Checkout.

6. Above all, enter your payment type. You can enter a voucher/coupon code and/or credit card.

7. After that, Click Submit.

8. You will see a purchase confirmation screen. After that, Click Done.

9. An email confirming your purchase and registration will be sent to you.

Reschedule/Cancel the Exam

If for some or other reason, you failed to give your scheduled exam, then you need to reschedule it.  You can reschedule/cancel your exam without incurring an additional fee as long as it is 72 hours in advance of the scheduled start time of your exam. 

Note: 72 hours prior to the scheduled exam start time.

You can reschedule/cancel the exam through your test taker account in Webassessor. 

You will be charged a $75 fee if you reschedule within 72 hours of the scheduled exam.

Above all, if you do not complete the exam at the scheduled time and did not contact the Salesforce Certification team in advance, you will be considered a no-show and charged the full exam fee.

We would be discussing the ways for clearing. I would suggest you focus on the below-mentioned resources and also check out the Cisco 300-510 Dumps offered at the ExamClubs, they are the best when it comes to Certifications Vendor.

ccnp exam

Retake the Exam

Make sure that you take your test at determinable time and clear it. However, if you fail to pass your exam in first attempt, then you have to retake the exam. Retake policy of Salesforce administrator is as follows:

  • Firstly, if you fail your first exam attempt within a release cycle, you must wait 24 hours before registering for a second attempt. 
  • Secondly, if you fail your second attempt within a release cycle, you must wait 14 days before registering for a third attempt. 
  • After that, if you fail your third attempt within a release cycle, you must wait until the next release cycle begins before registering for the exam again. 
  • Therefore, the attempts will reset with the beginning of the next release cycle. 

Above all, the cost to retake an exam is 50% of its original price. Webassessor will automatically adjust the cost to the retake price.

Maintaining Salesforce Credential 

Like every other certification, Salesforce credential too needs maintenance. One of the biggest advantages of holding a Salesforce credential is always being up to date on new product releases. Therefore, Salesforce release exams are created to ensure you have the latest information you need with you. 

You can bookmark these useful resources for maintaining your credentials: 

Maintenance Exam Due Dates 

Verify Your Certification Status

Overall Maintenance Requirements

Do not let your credential expire or your hardwork will go in vain. For instance, if you failed to complete maintenance requirements by the due date, 2 things could happen:

Firstly, your credential will expire

Secondly, your credential may become suspended

Step by Step Guide for Exam

After scrolling through every single detail, its time you prepare yourself for the exam. Remember, if you have proper planning in your hand, you can pass the exam easily.  

Testprep Training has created a step by step guide for you which will certainly benefit you. You are required to read the steps carefully. In addition you can take notes if necessary.

Step 1- Concentrate on What Matters

  • It is important to keep the test weightage in your head. Doing this will help you picking the points easily.
  • Concentrate your time on segments which will add greater value to the exam. 
  • For instance, you can refer course outline to concentrate more on the matters.

Step 2- Give Yourself Time

  • You need to understand that exam is not a one day thing or an overnight process. 
  • In other words, you need to make a plan to give your planning a shape. 
  • Above all, you need to take baby steps to prepare yourself. Don’t push yourself too much.

Step 3- Skip and Review

  • The Salesforce Admin Certification requires 105 minutes to complete the exam, which means you have ample amount of time to review. 
  • Therefore, it is recommended if you are dubious about a topic, then you can skip and review it after addressing every other questions. 

Step 4- Practice Test

  • Practice test is your old coach which helps you to prepare for the actual exam. 
  • You can raise your confidence level by performing a series of the same. 
  • Therefore, it is highly advised to rely on practice test if you wish to crack the exam.   

Testprep Training offers both free and paid practice test, which is no less than a coach to get you pass the exam easily. You can try your very new coach by clicking on the link below: 


Exam Day

Before you appear for the actual exam, it becomes important to keep few things in mind. Therefore, we have created a list of things which will ease your way to crack the exam. 

  • Firstly, keep yourself calm and composed. Remember you have 3 times in your hand so don’t sweat it out.
  • Further, you are permitted to use two pencils and two clear sheets of paper, so make sure you carry them with you.
  • You have 150 minutes in your hand which implies that you are not running out of time.
  • You can audit each question separately. After that, you can recollect them.
  • You only have 39 questions to revise. Remember that it helps you get 65% to pass the exam.

Expert’s Desk

I hope the article had listed out all the important details about the exam which can help you pass the exam. If you are ready to take the exam, start mapping out your plan for exam preparation and study hard.

Remember the Salesforce certification is a certification that speaks for itself. In other words, you don’t need to speak for your skills and expertise. The examination itself contains questions related to competencies, and if you have passed it, it’s self explainable how much expertise you own in this field. The certification would surely , increase your pay, boost your confidence, help you in getting many new opportunities and polish up your resume.

Above all, the only thing between you and this exam is the ‘Preparation’. Mock tests are really helpful to measure how prepared you are for the exam. 



Clearing the Certification isn’t considered to be that much easy, you have to go through rigorous training and lots of Cisco 300-515 Dumps would be needed to go through unless you have some expertise training courses like such offered at the ExamClubs.