How to pass AWS DevOps Engineer Professional exam

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Is it worth to get become a AWS DevOps Engineer Professional? Nowadays it has become a trend to get professionally certified in the field of cloud computing so to achieve a better position and for higher payouts. When we talk about the Cloud sector, it is the fastest growing field these days whether it is for an organization or for individuals as it is has its presence everywhere. Most of the top companies are providing their own cloud services due to its demand and thus are increasing the level of competition.

AWS provides many certification programs which helps to enhance professional skills and knowledge to get future opportunities for job as well as business purposes. These certifications programs will help you in understanding the working and practical concepts of AWS services.

About AWS DevOps Engineer Professional certification (DOP-C01)

AWS Certifications are quite popular within the DevOps industry and being a part of this programme gives more advantage. AWS DevOps Engineer Professional certification will examine your knowledge based on operating, managing and provisioning the distributed applications and systems on AWS platform.

AWS DevOps Engineer role is designed for individuals having advanced level knowledge in performing operations in AWS environment together with the skills required to manage and implement methodologies on AWS security control and compliance validation.

Exam Overview of AWS DevOps Engineer

AWS DevOps Engineer Professional exam is designed for those individuals who have passed AWS Developer Associate and AWS SysOps administrator certification. For this certification you should have proficiency in advance level programming language. Some of the details that you should be knowing before the exam include,

Exam Name AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional
Exam Code DOP-C01
Exam Type Professional
Exam Duration 170 minutes
Exam Cost $ 300 USD*
Exam Eligibility 1. You should have 2 or more years of experience in operating, provisioning and managing AWS environment.
2. It is also required to have proficiency in one advanced level programming language.
3. It is required to have an understanding of operation process, modern development and building highly automated infrastructure
Exam Format Multiple choice and Multiple response questions
Exam Language English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

AWS DevOps Engineer Professional Exam Course Outline

AWS DevOps Engineer Certification includes 6 domains with focus on,
SDLC Automation, Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code, Monitoring and Logging, Policies and Standards Automation, Incident and Event Response an High Availability, Fault Tolerance, and Disaster Recovery,

We shall now elaborate each domain specifically with their details

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Domain-1: SDLC Automation

SDLC Automation is considered to be an important area to focus on as it covers 22% of weightage in the exam. So you need to spend more time here.
The sections included in module include,

  • Concept required for automating CD/CI pipeline.
  • Determining strategies for source control and how to implement them.
  • Applying concepts for automating and integrating test.
  • Applying ideas for building and managing artifacts.
  • Determining deployment strategies.

Domain-2: Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code

This domain covers 19% weightage of questions in the exam. This domain covers the following sections,

  • Determining deployment services based on the requirement.
  • Understanding application and infrastructure deployment based the business needs.
  • Applying security concepts in the automation for resource and determining how to implement lifecycle hooks on deployment.
  • Applying concepts required for managing system using AWS management tools and services.

Domain-3: Monitoring and Logging

Monitoring and logging domain covers 15% of question weightage in the exam. This domain includes,

  • Determining how to set up the storage, analysis of logs and metrics.
  • Applying concepts required for automating, monitoring and managing event of an environment.
  • Applying concepts required for auditing, logs, and monitoring operating systems, infrastructures, and applications.
  • Determining implementing tagging and other metadata strategies.

Domain-4: Policies and Standards Automation

In this module there are concepts related to monitoring and automation and implementing strategies. The fourth domain covers 10% of weightage in exam. The section included in this are,

  • Applying concepts that are required to enforce standards for logging, metrics, monitoring, testing, and security.
  • Determining how to optimize the cost using automation.
  • Applying concepts required to implement the governance strategies.

Domain-5: Incident and Event Response

This domain covers 18% weightage in the exam. The sections covered in this domain are,

  • Troubleshooting the issues and determining how to restore the operations.
  • Learning how to automate events alerting and management.
  • Applying concepts required for implementing automated healing and to set up event-driven automated actions.

Domain-6: High Availability, Fault Tolerance, and Disaster Recovery

This domain includes various concepts of disaster recovery and covers 16% of weightage in exam. The section includes topics such as,

  • Determining appropriate multi-region architectures use and how to implement high availability, scalability, and fault tolerance.
  • Choosing the right services based on business needs.
  • Determining how to design and automate various disaster recovery strategies.

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Prerequisites for AWS DevOps Engineer Exam

In order to become AWS DevOps Engineer Professional exam following are some pre-requisites/ requirements –

  • You need to have 2 or more years of experience in operating, provisioning and managing AWS environment.
  • It is also required to have proficiency in one advanced level programming language.
  • It is required to have an understanding of operation process, modern development and building highly automated infrastructure.

Exam Structure for AWS DevOps Engineer Exam

AWS DevOps Engineer certification Exam has MCQ type of questions.
This is exam comes with two questions types –

  • Multiple choice questions, in this you only have select one correct option out of four options.
  • Multiple responsive questions, in this there can be multiple correct answers from the options given.

Exam Scoring

  • In AWS DevOps Engineer Professional certification you need to select one or more best suitable answers depends on the type of questions.
  • No negative marking is there in the exam.
  • There can also be some portion in the exam which hasn’t assigned any score or no score will be given on that part.

Exam Result

  • Exam score is scaled between 100 to 1000.
  • On percentage basis you need to score between 70% to 75%.
  • It is not necessary to pass each section, you just have to get the overall passing score.
  • Each section in this exam has a varying weighting, with differ in number of questions listed against each section in the exam.
  • AWS DevOps Engineer exam is based on pass or fail format. And also the exam result will be mailed to you within five business days from the day of the exam.
  • Scoring in the exam is by minimum standards established by AWS professionals as per the good guidelines and practice.

Exam Retake Policy

For AWS DevOps Engineer certification exam again you have to wait for 14 days before retaking the exam. You can give the exam as many times until you have passed the certification. And you need to pay the full fee for each exam attempt you take.

Exam Objective

Individuals giving this exam are assessed on the following abilities,

  • Designing, maintaining and managing tools for automating operational process.
  • Defining and deploying metrics and logging system on AWS.
  • Implement the systems that are scalable and highly available on AWS platform.
  • Automating and implementing the security control and governance processes.

Registration Process

Following are the steps to register for AWS DevOps Engineer Professional Exam –

  • First you need to register and sign in to
  • After that just click on Certification on the top.
  • Then click on AWS Certification account, Schedule new exam.
  • Check for the exam you want to take and click schedule at Pearson VUI button or PSI.

How to prepare for AWS DevOps Engineer Professional exam?

AWS DevOps Engineer Professional exam preparation can be done using free resources available both online and offline. This will help you in understanding the topics better and also provide an expert assistance to solve your queries.

Learning Resource 1 – Reference Books

There are reference books which are available for AWS DevOps Engineer Professional exam and some of them are,

  • AWS Automation Cookbook by Nikit swaraj
  • Continuous Delivery and DevOps – Quickstart by paul swartout
  • Implementing DevOps on AWS by Veselin kantsev
  • Effective DevOps with AWS by Nathenial Felson

Learning Resource 2 – Exam Course Provider

You can search for the exam resources which are available online for gettingDevOps Engineer training material and its structure.And there are many websites available which provide online training for the exam with a full assistance to the course such as – Simplilearn, Pluralsight and Udemy.

Learning Resource 3 – Exam Q&A

Many websites provide good information and topic details related to the certification such as, Quora and Stackoverflow

Learning Resource 4 – Exam Practice sets

For exam, practice sets of questions can be used for better preparation. Websites which provides Practice test, analyze your skills and knowledge on the AWS DevOps Engineer. You can check for practice sets on Amazon but all the topics will not be covered there. At Testprep Training you can have access to practice sets of questions on AWS DevOps Engineer Professional exam in two ways,

  • Free practice questions for AWS DevOps Engineer Professional exam
  • More than 300+ practice questions for AWS DevOps Engineer professional exam with detailed analysis.

Learning Resource 5 – Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training

There are many free training that is provided by AWS for DevOps Engineer Professional exam at These training required registration and are available at zero cost. AWS also gives access to various Learning libraries to get to know more about the AWS services. It also includes AWS APN partner which helps you to accelerate your business on AWS.

Benefits of AWS DevOps Engineer Professional Certification

As we started earlier you will have to answer a simple question – Is it worth it to get AWS Certified?


Some of the key benefits of becoming AWS Certified includes –

  • The certification helps to reinforce your knowledge about AWS tools, such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), and AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), to name a few.
  • AWS certification helps to explore how multiple AWS services are connected and how they amplify each other.
  • You learn by trying a wide variety of useful AWS services that most practitioners some of which you might not be unaware of.
  • The certification helps to get greater insight into AWS pricing and billing to build more cost-efficient solutions.

AWS DevOps Engineer Learning Path

AWS has designed DevOps learning path for those individuals who want to learn how to use common DevOps pattern to develop deploy and maintain application in the cloud.

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Preparing for AWS DevOps Engineer Professional Certification Exam

While preparing for this certification exam just freshen up your mind and create a study plan in which you are most comfortable in. It is important to be stress free and not to over think about the exam. You should be focused about achieving this certification and also get experience in AWS environment to get some advantage in this. Getting cleared with this certification will open doors for new opportunities and better future scopes.
We have listed a few points which will be helpful for you to pass the certification exam.

Create a Blue Print

Before preparing for the exam try to do some research on DevOps Engineer exam concepts and its pattern. This will let you know exactly what you should know to move forward in this certification. Then arrange the topics according to their weightage in their exam to first focus on important part.

Understanding the AWS Concepts

You need to examine your skills and knowledge by your own to have a better understanding of the concepts instead of cramming it. This is very important to understand the concepts and increase your experience in that.
Get hands on experience in AWS based services and applications to get better knowledge on the topics.

Search for Online AWS Training Programs

There are many websites which are providing certification and training to pass the AWS certification exam with practice sets of questions. There are some websites which are providing free practice sets of questions. They also offer a free trial before purchasing the whole training materials. If you are into self-study then you can buy AWS reference books to study for the exam.

Practice and more Practice!

Practicing on a daily basis will help you understand the concepts more easily. This will help you know about you weak and strong areas. After completing one topic, give it a revision and try to assess yourself on that topic. Make a schedule for studying and practicing questions. This will help you cover the topics quickly with giving time for practice.

Appear for the Exam

On completion of the syllabus, take as many mock tests and practice it till the day of the exam. Learn, understand and give the exam.

Good luck for the exam!

Although no system is ever 100 percent protected, the ability for differentiating between typical network traffic as well as potentially harmful malware is considered crucial and provides the focus of this associate-level certification path. Also, if you wish to acquire this certification, you should gain the AWS SCS C01 Certified Security Specialty Dumps, which are being offered at the ExamClubs.