How to improve CNC machining efficiency?

How to improve CNC machining efficiency?

In recent years, with the continuous emergence of new products and the increasing complexity of parts, CNC machining has gained rapid popularity with its strong advantages. It has become one of the determinants for a company to strive for market advantage. Efficiency and giving full play to the advantages of CNC machining is one of the main problems facing many enterprises.

1 Methods to improve the efficiency of CNC machining

Although CNC machining technology is a computer integrated manufacturing technology, it cannot be separated from the corresponding management and supporting technologies. To improve the efficiency of NC machining, we should raise awareness, change concepts, and improve and strengthen various corresponding supporting technical measures and management levels. .

1.1 Raising awareness and changing ideas

First, NC technology is a comprehensive technology. In addition to NC machine tools, there must be corresponding supporting technologies to give full play to its efficiency.

Second, CNC equipment has its life cycle. A new device and a new technology will show strong vitality in a certain period of time, but will be gradually eliminated and replaced with newer ones Technology and equipment.

Third, in the development of numerical control processing technology, the quality of people plays a decisive role, and the people here include management personnel, engineering technicians, engineering maintenance personnel and operating personnel.

1.2 Cultivate Excellent CNC Technical Talents

Although the CNC machine tools are highly intelligent, the role of humans is very important. Without good technical programmers, the efficiency of CNC machine tools cannot be effectively improved, and the best machining cannot be achieved without good machine tool operators. Method, the qualification rate of the product will be reduced, and the use efficiency of the CNC machine tool will be greatly reduced, and the service life of the machine tool will be greatly reduced.

1.3 Backed by management and technical support

Managers often have misunderstandings about CNC machine tools: For example, they think that CNC machine tools such as machining centers are precious machine tools, rough machining cannot be used, and too-precise workpieces may not be processed. In this way, the processing object is naturally compressed to a small size. Within the scope, the task of the CNC machine tool is not full; it is not suitable for the CNC machine tool to process the workpiece or the quality of the workpiece is not controlled, resulting in frequent quality accidents; the production management is not planned, and the CNC machine tool is not given enough Technical preparation time is expected to use CNC machine tools to “sudden processing”, but due to the long preparation time of CNC machine tools, it often occurs that tasks cannot be completed on time. Therefore, management has also played an important role in the development of the application of CNC technology.

1.3.1 Tool management measures

Compared with imported tools, the quality of domestic tools is worse, manifested as low geometric accuracy, rough surface and short life. In order to improve the efficiency and quality of CNC machining, measures can be taken from the following aspects: First, Pre-adjustment, which can reduce the installation and adjustment time of the tool on the machine, and reduce the operator’s tool preparation time.

Second, tool sharpening. This refers to heavy grinding. The tools used by CNC machine tools are preferably those ground by CNC tool grinders. When the tools are blunt, they should be sharpened and stored in time to ensure that the tools out of the warehouse can be used normally.

Third, computer management of the tools. With the increasing complexity of CNC machining, the management of tools is becoming more and more complicated, and manual management of tools is prone to errors. Therefore, computer management of tools should be promoted. Computer management of tools should include warehouse management, loan management, tool allocation management, tool size measurement management, tool life management, tool scrap management, statistical reports, tool query, Interface to the cutting parameter database and maintenance of the tool magazine. Regarding the types of tools and inventory, they should be continuously expanded based on the number of CNC machine tools.

1.3.2. Application and management of fixtures

The choice of machining fixture is directly related to the installation time and measurement time of the workpiece, that is, it has a relationship with the auxiliary time of processing.

(1) Promote and improve the application of combined fixtures and combined vacuum fixtures to shorten the auxiliary time.

(2) Improve the uniformity of workpiece reference selection as much as possible and reduce the workload of fixture positioning and the number of fixtures.

(3) The use of a constant force clamp prevents the workpiece from being deformed during clamping and improves the machining accuracy.

(4) Actively promote computer-aided management of tooling fixtures.

1.3.3 Product design process

(1) The size changes of the fillets and bevels should be unified as much as possible to simplify programming and tool selection.

(2) Design a reasonable workpiece structure to make it more suitable for NC machining.

(3) Improve the process to make the surface roughness and dimensional accuracy more reasonable.

1.3.4 Blank Technology and Management

(1) Improve the positioning reference accuracy and make the machining allowance uniform.

(2) Improve the quality of the blank, such as stress relief, to prevent processing distortion.

1.3.5 Reasonably arrange the process route

Measures should be taken to prevent and reduce part deformation; if the benchmark is repeatedly revised, stress-free clamping can be used; for important parts, natural aging should be taken after roughing.

1.3.6 Trial cutting of parts

The product trial cutting system must be strict, and the test cutting records must be carefully recorded; for the trial cutting processing of the first product, the programming technician should personally arrive at the scene to guide.

1.3.7 Improving the construction of various supporting standards in a timely manner

In the absence of standards, it is necessary to improve and formulate relevant standards, such as the formulation of process parameters, especially high-speed milling parameters.

1.3.8 Management of CNC machining

NC machining has great flexibility, there are many types of workpieces and most of them have complicated structures, and there are many types and numbers of tools. Therefore, reasonable and effective management is essential.

First, the programming of parts. The management of programming mainly includes the arrangement of programming preparations, the acquisition of raw materials required for programming (such as CAPP, co-clamping tools, tool standards, etc.) and the management of programs (including media management and information management).

Programming preparation mainly includes the tool preparation list and progress, the frequency and wear of the tool, and the management of the tool holder measuring tool library.

Second, the maintenance of machine tools. The maintenance of machine tools includes three aspects:
(1) Preventive maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the machine tool;
(2) Faulty maintenance, eliminate faults, and restore normal operation of equipment;
(3) Reconstruct the old CNC machine tools to reduce the cost of new equipment investment and fully improve the efficiency of equipment use.

In order to improve the maintenance of machine tools, we must pay attention to collecting relevant information (especially imported machine tools), preparing necessary machine tool maintenance spare parts, regularly performing necessary training for machine tool maintenance personnel, and improving the treatment of CNC machining technicians.

At the same time, we must also pay attention to the control of the ambient temperature. The high temperature in summer will increase the failure rate of the machine tools accordingly. Therefore, the plant should have cooling measures. For open workshops, the dust concentration is high and it is easy to cause the failure of the CNC equipment. Therefore, the environmental conditions of the CNC machining workshop should be improved.

Third, realize dispatching automation.

2.Focus on innovative process methods

Process technicians are an important guarantee in the production of products. Process technicians must understand the parameters of each CNC machine. Only in this way can we know which parts are processed efficiently on which machine and how the parts processed on the CNC machine should be clamped. It can be processed quickly and without deformation. At present, the existing process methods of general companies have not been able to effectively improve the processing efficiency of CNC machine tools, so more training should be provided in the relevant aspects, and the process methods should be innovative to improve the processing efficiency of CNC machine tools.

3 Achieving Flexible Manufacturing

Flexible manufacturing system refers to a highly flexible and highly automated manufacturing system suitable for multi-variety, medium and small batch production. Flexibility is the biggest feature of FMS, that is, the ability of the system to adapt to the external environment, and automation refers to minimizing manual operations, or even eliminating them altogether. FMS overcomes the limitation that the traditional rigid automatic line is only suitable for mass production, and has demonstrated the ability to adapt to the production automation of multi-variety, small and medium batch production. Urgently, due to the advancement of microelectronic technology, computer technology, communication technology, machinery and control technology, flexible manufacturing technology has developed rapidly and matured.

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