How to Clear AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam

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Cloud Computing has become the norm in most enterprises and the Amazon Web Services platform is one of the most sought after platform for business scalability and growth. It is only natural that IT professionals would look up for certifications in order to upgrade their skill set. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam is an excellent start in cloud computing. Here we elaborate upon the AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate Exam and all relevant information for strategic and effective preparation for the same.

For aspirants of AWS Solutions Architect, it would be of value to retain that as AWS Solution Architect they would be assessed on your knowledge of the cloud architecture, its inherent principles and in turn their deployment in building business solutions that are effective efficient and scalable.
AWS Solution Architects are expected to use architectural design principles and provide solutions that are effective according to the customer requirement. Also one has to identify and deploy AWS architect practices and bring forth implementation guidance to the organization that can be effective for the entire course of a project.

What is the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam?

The AWS Solution Architect AssociateExam is specific to solution architects who have had credible hands-onexperience in designing. The certification exam accounts for abilities todeploy applications on AWS that are secure and scalable. Thecertification qualifies you as an AWS Solution Architect and thereby validatesyour skills in terms of design scalability, ingress, and egress of data to andfrom AWS, AWS services based on data, security, computing, etc. It alsoacknowledges your understanding in terms of AWS costs and cost controlmechanisms. The certification recognizes your ability to use and deploy AWSarchitect practices.

The salary prospects for AWS Solutions Architect is fancy considering the high demand and insufficient workforce for that demand.  On average the AWS Solutions Architect make around $ 143,091.

Considering the inclination of majorenterprises to cloud technology and the credibility of the certification inAWS, one can earn a lot in it.

Who should take the certification?

The certification is most suitable forcandidates such as system engineers, developers enterprise or solutionsarchitects.

The certification would test practicalknowledge. So, hands-on practice and experience with AWS deployment, managementservices, database, networking, storage, computer services would berecommended. Also, for an AWS Solution Architect, the prerequisite knowledgewould require the ability to comprehend the basic architectural principles, AWSglobal infrastructure, network technologies, security features and toolsprovided by AWS, and ability to build robust applications on AWS.  

Although no system is ever 100 percent protected, the ability for differentiating between typical network traffic as well as potentially harmful malware is considered crucial and provides the focus of this associate-level certification path. Also, if you wish to acquire this certification, you should gain the AWS ANS-C00 Dumps, which are being offered at the ExamClubs.

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Exam Information – AWS Solutions Architect Associate

Exam Content

  • The examination contains two forms of questions which is a multiple choice response, containing one correct answer alone out of the four options, and multiple response question that has two correct answers out of the five alternatives.
  • Out of all the questions, it is important that the candidate answers each since there is no negative marking for an incorrect answer, however, an unanswered question is considered to be a wrong answer.
  • The exam may incorporate certain unscored content for the purpose of surveys. These do not influence the test result in any way.

Content Outline

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Outline


The result for the AWS SolutionsArchitect Associate Exam either declares you to have passed or failed. Theresult for the examination is determined by the score between 100-1000 of whicha minimum of 720 is necessary for passing the examination.

The score determines the quality ofyour performance in the examination. The method of scaled scoring is deployedacross various forms depending upon their varied difficulty levels in order tomaintain the minimum score.

The examination score is of extremeuse to candidates because it provides a detailed, insightful analysis of theperformance.

Passing individual sections is not acompulsion so long as you pass the overall exam. The individual sections,however, can have uneven weighting which in turn means that there can be morequestions in a particular section in contrast to the other.

How to Prepare for your AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam

The most recommended approach to yourpreparation for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam is practicalstudying. Hands on experience with AWS Services and applications for over ayear shall be ideal.


The white papers provided by AWS are based on various customer interactions and cover the general practical matters of pestilence to the job. The white papers need thorough reading for an understanding of the systems of AWS. The white papers also frame the exams so, despite your experience or lack of it with the AWS systems, it is a must that you go over these readings.

AWScertification preparation book

AWS offers a complete detailed study guide for preparation.


AWS offers certain sample questions that can be availed from their official site itself. It is important that you go over these questions for a better understanding of the exam questions. Unfortunately AWS doesn’t provide enough questions to practice on.
Practice Tests are functional for you to determine the level of your preparation and get a sense of the examination before you undertake it. Practice exams, a mock test that is oriented towards practical knowledge can be found online easily. AWS offers 10  sample questions and charges $20 for twenty sample questions. For AWS exams it is recommended to go over AWS sample questions, however, for effective preparation, you would require more questions.

For AWS Solutions Architect Associate Practice Tests Visit: aws-certified-solutions-architect-associate-free-practice-test


The AWS certifications are largelypractical an depend a lot upon experience and training. The practical hands-ontraining can be of use for you to acquaint yourself with design, deployment,AWS services, and systems.  Onlineforums, video training, courses are easily available and elaborate upon theobjectives, topics and the overall exam blueprint.

AWSYoutube Channel

The AWS Youtube Channel puts forth content that covers elaborate information and highlights on exam related topics. There are engaging presentations that cover areas from the introductory level to that of a rather advanced standard. The videos can be quick and effective for awareness and learning purposes.

AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam: Tips & tricks

Thereneeds to be a degree of coordination between your knowledge, overallpreparation and the strategy you deploy in order to undertake the exam.

Itwould be suggested that strategize your responses. Identify the quick,immediate response questions from your first glance at the test and answerthem. Then approach the ones that are comparatively engaging and time taking.These should take around thirty minutes in all. Finally spends the rest of thetime in solving the rather difficult questions.

  • Get hands-on experience through thefree tier that AWS avails for its services.
  • Acquire clarity with your basics.For this, it is necessary that you go through the exam blueprint carefully.
  • It would also be suggested that youprimarily read a book that details the history of AWS. For instance. ‘TheEverything Stone’ by Brad Stone.

Clearing the Interview

The AWS Solutions ArchitectAssociate interview questions can be as difficult as the certification itself.Since the certification validates a series of skill sets it is often a subjectof inquiry in interviews. Your knowledge about the AWS services can bequestioned in the interviews.

The interview is open to thosewithout the certification as well. Therefore, it is your performance in theinterview that qualifies you for the job. Go through the series of questions toacquaint yourself to the kind of questions that come up in the interviews.

Steps after the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification is obtained


TheAWS certification lasts for a couple of years after which you need to recertifyyourself. The recertification exam is a rather cheaper and simpler version ofthe actual certification exam. The recertification exam can be given by oneyear after the validity of the original certification exhausts.

However,one can also go for the higher certification i.e the professional levelcertification in the same role, the AWS certified Architect- Professional.

Youwould need to continue your hands-on practice and experience for being updatedwith the technological changes and requirements.

Maintain your skill sets. You may find interest in the Advanced Architecture course or study that would be relevant to you for upgrading yourself.

Practice tests on AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam

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