How to clean glasses case

How to clean glasses case

Nowdays that more and more people will buy some high-end eyeglass case, the question arises, does the case need to be cleaned regularly as well as the bag? If it needs to be cleaned, how should it be cleaned? I’ll take you through this question

First of all, there are many types of eyeglass cases, and not all types of cases can be cleaned, such as most hard eyeglass case, which cannot be cleaned by themselves and will destroy their original structure; there are only a few types of cases that can be cleaned, including leather glasses case, eyeglass bag and zipper glasses case. And even if we want to clean these glasses cases, we can not use the washing machine to clean them, which will cause damage to them, below we will talk about several glasses cases cleaning methods.

1. Leather eyeglass case

The most common leather eyeglass case is the Ray-Ban glasses case, which can be cleaned by wiping the exterior with a damp rag, because the interior of the case is made of flocked material, so there is no need to clean it.

2、 Eyeglass pouch

The cleaning of glasses pouch is relatively simple, because the material of these glasses bags is often made of microfiber cloth, can be put into the washing machine or hand wash both, but to control the water temperature and preferably not to dry, because this will damage the structure of the microfiber material, which produces the deformation of glasses bags. They should be left flat to dry when drying to minimize deformation caused by moisture.

3、 Zipper glasses case

It is difficult to clean the zippered eyeglass case because it is made of EVA material, so once it is put into the washing machine to clean, it will permanently damage its structure and shape, so often this kind of eyeglass case can be washed by hand, or you can spray the right amount of alcohol solvent, wipe it with a dry rag, and finally put it in the sun to dry naturally.

4、 plastic glasses case

This glasses case can be cleaned, and cleaning up is relatively simple, we can imagine it as a plastic lunch case, if dirty, only need to use tap water normal cleaning can be, if the above stains, you can use a little detergent dissolved in water after cleaning, remember not to use too hot water, or put into the dishwasher to clean, this will lead to the deformation of the glasses case and can not use.

There are some cases such as folding glasses case that we do not recommend cleaning, because these cases contain some cardboard structure, and if cleaned, the cardboard will be damped, which will cause the case to deform.

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