How should the mirror spark machine be operated safely

How should the mirror spark machine be operated safely
1. Mirror surface spark cnc machining personnel should be proficient in the detailed functions of the keys on the operation panel and the conditions in use, and use them flexibly during the operation of the machine. They are familiar with the transition of the screen, especially several important screens (such as preparing screens, Survey screen) to prevent various abnormalities caused by unfamiliarity with the operation panel during machining, and because the high-density application of each key (especially commonly used keys) is simple and damaged, so when operating the panel, the surface should be attached A layer of plastic paper for protection to extend the operating life of the operation panel; tungsten steel spark machine
2. Only personnel trained in such machinery and equipment can be permitted to use the machinery and equipment.
3. In order to prevent overheating of machining fluid and electric cabinet, the cooling system must be in continuous operation;
4. In order to prevent direct contact with the energized wires, it is necessary to close the machine protection door;
5. Two persons are not allowed to operate the same cnc machine together. When operating the screen, the screen brightness should be reduced as much as possible, and the squint survey screen should be selected, and then the screen damage to the eyes will be reduced;
6. Same as the operation panel, the processor should also be familiar with the detailed use of the remote control. The keypad of the remote control should be protected by a layer of plastic paper. Otherwise, the remote control can be operated remotely from the operation panel. The wire is conducting, so the protection of the remote control should also include the protection of the wire. Do not pull the electric wire vigorously during the application process, so as to avoid the remote control malfunctioning. The part of the wire array should be placed in a circle. After use, it must be put back to the original place and hung;
7. When the machine tool or the machine head is moving, never put your hands or fingers between the machine head and the work object, and prevent a safety accident due to wrong input due to instructions or wrong direction keys;
8. Protection of machining channels: When machining the workpiece, pay attention to whether the clamping method will damage the machining channels. When the machine is in use, the channels should be dried. When not in use for a long time, anti-rust oil should be used to protect the machine.
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