Handheld Fiber Laser Marker Buying Guide

It is possible that your business requires marking on metal and some nonmetals but you cannot afford to buy separate laser machines for these different applications. There is just the right laser machine that is for you. The handheld fiber laser machine is designed for marking metals and nonmetals. If nonmetals like wood are used for production alongside metals, then, you can buy the handheld fiber laser marker.

The size of the handheld fiber marker as the name suggests is small and can fit into any space such that its lifting stroke is between 280mm and 550mm. The size of the handheld fiber laser marker however, does not limit the speed of its marking. Marking is usually done at 7000mm/s, making production time short.

Logo, bar codes, QR codes, serial numbers and other texts marked on all products are high precision and cannot be erased or reversed.

Metals used in electronics components, kitchenware, automobile, etc can all be marked effortlessly. Marking on these materials is simple and easy to do.

The probability of our handheld fiber laser developing issues is very low, as our laser machine works continuously for 100,000 hours. With the long hours that you use to mark, our handheld fiber laser machine does not require exorbitant energy for marking your products. 20W to 50W is enough.

You should buy your fiber laser marking machine from us, as we guide you through all the process of marking and maintaining your laser machine.