Experience of Pass the PMP Exam at First Time

I am engaged in IT project development and management, mainly providing customized business software applications for enterprises and institutions. After a month of waiting, I finally passed the PMP exam in June 2018. Although I only got an A, I felt that it was in line with expectations, and I was quite relieved. Recalling the nearly 3 months of study PMI CA0 001 Dumps process since last year’s registration, it is vivid. According to the situation of normal work and class, there is no complete investment of time and energy into learning, but through the facts, there is still something to share with everyone.

Although I used to do technical project management in my work before, I have n’t really understood PMP very much. I talked with some friends and thought that it was all talk on paper so I did n’t take the exam and considered myself a “combatant faction”. Finally, I think that to really do a good job of management and personal development, I still need to systematically learn this PMI 200 Dumps and obtain a certificate recognized by the industry. So got a thick book and test preparation plan.

PMP dumps

Basically, it was done according to the PMP Dumps. The first reading was intermittent. Before the official class, I quickly read the book and barely knew it, but many of the concepts were not understood, especially the rare chapters. Then listen carefully in class, and try to take time to review after the class every day. Basically this is the case. Every night at 8:45 on time (this must be guaranteed), and I went through the chapter content with Teacher Liu. In fact, in addition to understanding, this process can also deepen memory, which is really much better than reading. Therefore, it is recommended that students who apply for classes must adhere to it and study daily with live courses. I think the probability of not going to class is less than 20%.

In addition, because the face-to-face lectures are on-site lectures, sometimes two consecutive days on weekends, we must insist on going to class. The content of the lecture is the essence. After studying with the teacher, you must review it at least twice more. Basically rely on PMI 100 Dumps as supplementary materials for learning. The most important thing is to brush the questions and train the sense of ideas and ideas. It took only two and a half hours to complete the final exam, which is the effect of the last two mock exams.

The mock exams 1 and 2 are all around 140. Through the mock exams, there are still many gaps. So I read the PMBOK carefully a few days before the exam, focusing on understanding the ITTO and the key points, and the PMI CAPM Dumps on the exam system. The episode was redone. In fact, in the last two weeks, I feel that the knowledge system has been established. There is nothing wrong with the exam.

In the end, I feel that PMP should be worth the test. After all, it is generally needed in the project management industry. It is best to have someone and me, otherwise it is awkward to communicate with people.