Everything you should know about Cloud computing.

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A Small Guide on Cloud Computing.

Cloud computing can be understood as the outsourcing of storage data, applications, information, and its processing. The accessibility to applications and files is independent of a local server or system and data can be retrieved at any time so long as there is an internet connection

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are the three broad categories of cloud-hosted services. These services are user-oriented in the sense that the provider manages these services according to the requirement of the user.

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and IBM are the dominant cloud services providers in the market.

Typesof Cloud Computing

Cloud services are deployed in three ways. It isa categorization that allows a particular business to recognize the idealservice deployment for itself according to its requirements.


A third-party cloud service provider operatesand owns the public cloud. The infrastructure and in turn the software are alsoowned and managed by the cloud service provider. The services in the form ofstorage and servers are delivered by the cloud provider.


Cloud services that are exclusive to asingular organization or business are understood as a private cloud. Theinfrastructure and services are handled on a private network and are usuallysituated at the various data centers of the firm. Third-party service providerscan also be responsible to host private cloud services for a particularorganization.


Hybrid clouds as the same suggest comprise ofboth the public and private cloud. The private and public cloud exchange dataand are bound by technology that permits such exchange of applications andresources. Hybrid cloud is flexible and optimal to security, infrastructure,and compliance.

Uses ofCloud Computing

Cloud computing is relevant even in the mostbasic of activities such as emails, documents, tv streaming, music, etc.

It has various uses that are of value to organizationsbe it small scale or otherwise.

Createcloud native applications

DevOps, API driven communication,  containers, microservices architecture andKubernates are cloud native technologies and ways that allow ease in thescalability, deployment and building of applications.

Testand Build Applications

Due to ease of scalability of cloudinfrastructure, cloud had become effective in the reduction of time and cost inapplication development.


Data analysis can become effective by the unificationof data across servers, locations, teams. Also the use of machine learning andartificial intelligence can be effective in deploying statistical techniquesand approaches that can provide an insightful account for improved analysis.

DeliverSoftware on Demand

Updates on softwares and their latest versionscan be offered easily with the on demand software service on cloud that isSoftware as a Service (SaaS).

Streamaudio and video

Cloud allows accessibility to audio and videoconnection to the audience with global distribution.

Storebackup recover data

Data protection can be efficiently ensuredthrough cloud since one can easily transfer data to a remote storage systemthat is accessible across servers and on any system.


Cloud models that are effective andintelligent can be used to create greater transparency amongst customers andoffer them with useful insight from the data.

Benefitsof Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has eliminated various aspectsof businesses such as large servers, data storage devices, information loss,duplicate versions etc. that demanded great time and cost. Cloud with itsvarious benefits has allowed a diversion of that cost and time into greaterproductivity.


Cloud Computing ensures the security of storeddata. Since cloud computing allows accessibility from any system the datastorage is independent of server collapses and disturbances.

Boostsspeed and agility

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The business conditions are undergoing rapidchange and the conventional IT approaches are ineffective in meeting thedemands. Therefore the speed and agility that cloud offers make it far morevaluable to firms. It is also the reason why it is being adopted at such alarge scale.


Applications and portals that are personalisedbecome accessible to multiple users at once. This is an expansive outreach forbusiness opportunities.

Allowsapplication resilience

Businesses can’t afford an infrastructure failuredue to the digital nature of the enterprises. The availability of applicationshas to be ensured and that is ineffective due to the lack of resilience of theon-premises applications. Cloud offers easy accessibility to infrastructureresources and thereby enhances the resilience of applications.


Any business set up on cloud would beinherently cost-efficient since the computing resources in the cloud arederived from any of the different models of cloud computing. The high scalabilityallows better management.


It is comparatively easier to make softwareupdates to cloud services than it is to do so with an actual physical serversystem. These updates include security updates that are necessary for theprotection of the stored data.

Controland accessibility

Cloud ensures transparency of the data beingshared and thereby greater control on its accessibility. Its platform-neutralattribute allows accessibility on any device and business continuity.

Typesof Cloud Service Models

Infrastructureas a Service (IaaS)

The necessary infrastructure essential tocloud hosting is addressed in this model. The servers can be either physical orvirtual for the launch of a platform. IaaS is common amongst all small mediumor large scale firms due to its cost-efficient nature. The firms pay accordingto their service requirements a select the infrastructure accordingly.

Platformas a Service (PaaS)

A software stack is offered along with theinfrastructure by the service provider and the hosted software on the system isused for development work.

It is effective for the development of webapplications according to their business requirements. It can be furthercategorized on the basis of the source whether open or closed and also whetherit is mobile compatible. Its abilities that surpass the conventional solutionsallows it be an experimental and potent solution for businesses.

Softwareas a Service (SaaS)

The service provider hosts the application todeliver software over a network that is eventually accessed by the client viathe net. It is rather common and most web software is SaaS.

TopCloud Computing Skills


Cloud computing security overlaps with ITsecurity in its functionalities such as protection against data leakage andomission.

The data centers of the service providers arethe repository of data protection. Self-governed audits are made useful todetermine the effectiveness of the internal procedures that manage the securityof the stored data.

The Cloud security certification such as theCCSK

extends to software development security,asset security and Identity and Access Management.

MachineLearning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligenceare expansive programs that use data for themselves after gaining access anddeploying statistical methods.

Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services areplatforms that do offer Machine Learning tools. While they may seem ratherminimal, the technologies are gaining immediacy to cloud computing.


Serverless Architecture or Function as a Service(FaaS) replaces the requirement of infrastructure for communication or trackingan application. The software form is scalable and can be easily upgraded.Software servers and hardware management are no more essential and thereby thearchitecture ends up being cost-efficient. It also enables easy migration ofapplications amongst vendors.


Automation, as the name suggests, allows thepossibility of achieving a task without human resource. Third-party servicesuse an identical set of tools to diagonally automate numerous platforms.

Cloudcomputing Skill gap.

It is no surprise that most IT professionalsare not up to the demands of a cloud-based enterprise and the skill gap that isobserved is considerable.

This skill gap can be minimized if job seekerssituate themselves in the cloud solution architecture, design, infrastructure,analysis, optimization of business processes, etc. according to their skillsets and its potential in these fields.

Buildinga career in Cloud Computing.

While technical expertise and conceptualknowledge are necessary there are other actions that can be undertaken in orderto situate oneself in the field. 

For instance, hands-on experience and field,related knowledge is of value as it increases the demand of the cloudprofessionals in the market. It would also be advisable to remain updated withthe latest technological advancements that are becoming relevant to cloudcomputing since the field is rapidly growing.

At last cloud, certifications are of greatvalue to get a kick start in the field. AWS, for instance, offers variouscertifications on particular aspects of the cloud.

The recent growth in public cloud market makes it a profitable career option that would only witness growth in the coming years.

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