Cybersecurity Bootcamp- Is it Worth it for my Team

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Cyber-attacks are dramatically on the rise, with governmental and commercial organizations being targeted every day. Many of these attacks were targeted at businesses that didn’t understand the implications of not protecting their cyber networks. And even with robust security infrastructure, sometimes all it takes for a company to lose sensitive data and money is a careless action by an employee.

Therefore, it’s paramount to train your employees to learn new techniques needed to identify threats and mitigate them. But, it can be quite a struggle to find time to train your employees during regular workdays. There’s a simpler way to do it and in a short amount of time – cyber security bootcamps.

What is a Cyber Security Bootcamp?

Cybersecurity bootcamps are structured and concentrated programs designed to equip employees with fundamental skills in information technology security and prepare them for the rapidly changing cyber landscape. The knowledge gained is meant to help employees identify, prevent, and resolve corporate data breaches and cybersecurity incidents. And given that bootcamps are short, activities and discussions are fast yet extreme, preparing working professionals to successfully achieve the associated certifications.

Cybersecurity bootcamps are different from traditional learning programs because they prioritize skills over theory. They typically don’t require repeat sessions as learners are more involved in hands-on activities that equip them with skills needed for their job. The bootcamps bring information security employees together for professional development, provide high-quality training and give students the best chance of passing their next level certification test.

What are the Benefits of Sending Your Cyber Security Team to a Bootcamp?

For most businesses, IT staff training is a low-priority goal, especially if it involves employees being away for a few days. However, if you’re looking to save time, a bootcamp is the right move for your staff. So, instead of employees spending more time on books and other resources that will cost your business, they’ll be working on important projects and maintaining your servers. Other benefits of bootcamps include:

  • Improve your employee’s skills: Sending your employees to a bootcamp can help them develop or improve their skills. A cybersecurity bootcamp offers both hard and soft skills since it’s a social setting where teams work together to accomplish tasks and complete the bootcamp in a successful manner. The courses offered cover a range of information technology security skills that can allow your employee to better understand and use tech software and programs.
  • Improve staff confidence to adopt new technology: As technology advances, many employees are left to navigate a wilderness of new software, social media platforms, and more. As a result, this creates uncertainty around new technology. But with a cyber and date security bootcamp, our staff will be introduced to new, modern technologies, making them feel more confident to use them. And when your employees learn new ways to complete tasks, they make significant progress. This can also help generate revenue for your business while cutting costs.
  • Increase employee efficiency: Employees tend to handle new problems at a slower pace when working on complex tasks. But when they work smarter, they’re usually more productive and can efficiently take on challenging projects. This can result in reduced expenses, wastage of time, and increased avenue.

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How Can You Tell When Your IT Team is in Need of Training and Would Benefit from a Bootcamp?

Understanding the importance of IT staff training and development is one thing, and identifying your teams’ training needs is another. Get it wrong and you could be wasting precious time and resources when your employees are already proficient. Signs that your IT team needs training in certain areas are usually subtle, particularly if your business is used to operating with knowledge and skills gaps.

The way your employees conduct their typical workday may tell if your employees would benefit from a bootcamp. Well trained employees will have a better understanding of compliance regulation, produce high-quality work, and consistent results.

You may want to consider employee training for the following reasons:

Need for regulation compliance: When there are new or changed policies, your business needs to remain compliant. Thus, your employees need training to know about the regulations and how to remain compliant without disrupting your business.

Lack of basic skills: In some cases, your employees don’t know how to deal with failure or challenging tasks, leading to time wastage.

Teaching new employee skills: When you introduce new equipment or system, training your employees becomes important to improve efficiency and ensure they translate their talent to their work.

Are Your Employees Ready?

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