Common Printing Technology of Cloth Handle Shopping Bags

Common Printing Technology of Cloth Handle Shopping Bags

The commonly used handle shopping bags can be divided into two categories according to the material, paper handle shopping bags and cloth handle shopping bags. Paper handle shopping bags are made in the same way as cartons, while cloth handle shopping bags are mainly canvas bags, cotton and linen bags, non-woven bags and other items. Today we are going to share with you some common printing techniques of cloth handle shopping bags.


Silk-screen printing

Screen printing is an ancient printing process. It can not only print on plane, but also on curved surface. It has strong printing dyeing power, strong stereo sense, easy to master technology and low price. At present, it is one of the most commonly used processes for printing patterns and logos on textile products.


Thermal transfer printing

Heat transfer printing, also known as thermal transfer printing, is an indirect transfer printing process. The pattern of heat transfer printing is bright in color, rich in layers, high gloss, safety and pollution-free. It is a very promising printing process.


Digital printing

It is printed with digital technology. The principle is the same as that of inkjet printer. The printing features are very fine and clear, similar to those of photographs and hand-painted. Moreover, it does not need plate drying, and the production cycle is short enough to adapt to small batch production. The color is very rich, which can meet the personalized needs of modern people. However, spot colours cannot be printed, which is limited.


Printed on lamination

Coating process is a surface processing technology after printing. It is also known as post-press over-plastics, post-press lamination or post-press lamination. It refers to the product processing technology that a transparent plastic film 0.012-0.020mm thick is covered on the surface of a printed product by a Film-covering machine to form a paper-plastic integration. Generally speaking, according to the process used, it can be divided into two kinds: coating film and pre-coating film. According to the difference of film materials, it can be divided into bright film and sub-light film.


Non-wovens hectographic printing

Hectographic printing is also named offset printing. Hectographic printing means lithography. The printing method is to transfer the ink on the rubber surface to the non-woven handle shopping bag surface through the rubber impression of the rubber roller (also known as the roller). Because the rubber surface is flat, there is no concave pattern, so the printed patterns and patterns on the non-woven fabric surface are flat, there is no stereo sense, and the anti-counterfeiting is poor. Hectographic printing requires less ink, and the manufacturing cost of the die is much lower than other printing methods.


The printing mentioned above is the most common way of handle shopping bag printing. We are a professional handle shopping bag manufacturer, we always develop and maintain every customer in a serious and honest manner.