CNC machine tools are widely used in the power equipment industry

CNC machine tools are widely used in the power equipment industry

The machine tool is a “working mother machine”. The development of the machine tool industry is directly related to the development of various industries. Pay attention to the machine tool industry and the needs of users. The machine tool industry changes with the needs of users. Each industry will also develop as the machine tool industry changes. Let us first understand the demand for machine tools in various industries.
Aviation industry The scope of the aerospace machining industry is getting larger and larger, with more and more products. Its main products are divided into military aircraft, civil aircraft, airborne equipment, and non-aeronautical equipment networks. The focus is on the first two categories.

The machine tools required for aircraft manufacturing are mainly used for processing engines, airframes, etc. as key development targets. This will inevitably drive a lot of demand for high-reliability, large-size, high-strength CNC machine tools, including various ultra-heavy CNC machine tools and special machines, as well as 5-axis linkage CNC machine tools and composite processing machine tools. It is foreseeable that the structural adjustment and technological progress of the energy industry are expected to deepen the technological upgrading of domestic processing equipment.

The highlight of urban rail transit is also very eye-catching. According to the first batch of urban rail transit project plans approved by the State Council of China, the planned line length by 2015 is 2400km, and the investment scale is nearly 700 billion yuan. The main equipment required in the field of rail transit equipment cnc machining are large milling machines, grinders, and heavy machine tools.

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CNC machine tools are widely used in the power equipment industry


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