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N CHANNEL IGBT (HIGH PWER SWITCHING; MOTOR CONTROL APPLICATIONS); High Power Switching Applications Motor Control Applications. z Enhancement-mode. z The electrodes are isolated; 100 Amp; 600 Volt

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Manufactured by Fuji, 6DI150A-060 is considered as one of the best power modules ever created by the company. It has a weight of 5.34 lbs., and emits a collector emitter voltage of 600V, and a collector current amount of 150A.

6DI150A-060 is known for its well-amplified configuration. It is a unique design that allows the device to highly optimize the performance of a UPS or other applications such as Power Switching as well as AC and DC Motor Controls.

Cost-effectiveness, high efficiency, and reliability, are benefits anyone can expect from Fuji’s 6DI150A-060.

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